Social media has allowed artists around the world to connect with new audiences. Visual artists have found in Instagram an opportunity to grow their audience and eventually find new buyers for their work.

Instagram has one billion users worldwide, including 120 million in the United States. That’s a huge number of people waiting to interact with your work. These are Your Instagram Followers. You can also grow your audience by Buy Instagram Followers.

But first you have to figure out how to get them there. We’re going to give you some handy tips to follow as you learn how to market your work on Instagram.

Check out these Instagram marketing tips for artists.

Promote your artwork on Instagram

In everything from photography to oil painting, you have plenty of opportunities to showcase your work and collection on Instagram. Instagram lets you create content that draws attention to your work, then upload it anywhere.


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However, with the number of artworks posted every day, how do you stand out from the crowd? It’s best to start by being a little more flexible with your posting content.


Doing is always better than perfection

The people who follow you for your work want to know the process. They love the polished end product but also want to know what goes into it.


Being able to share various parts of what you do can create a more intimate relationship with your followers, who will be more engaged with the work. People are fascinated by the basis of something that turns into art.



For example, artist Gu Zheng Wei frequently posts new versions of his work to show off progress and inspire people starting their journey.

Use Instagram stories to your advantage

Another way to let your followers know who the artist behind the artwork is is to use the Instagram Stories feature. They’re simple – they’re short posts that disappear within a day, but they’re also full of potential.


You can give a preview of your latest work or enhancements to your gallery with photo carousels. Videos that are short and look like casual chats allow you to communicate directly with your fans to get a glimpse of your character.



Features like countdowns and polls let you be more interactive. Has an event been scheduled? Notify your followers, set a countdown, and give them the option to select an alarm when the event is over. Prints for sale? Ask your followers to tell you which works of art they would like to display on their walls.


Since they’re easy to record and publish, you can also use stories to broadcast short videos of ongoing events. You can also live stream, and the icon you use will change to let your followers know.


Stories live streams allow users to invite other attendees to join them, so when you’re not streaming an event, you can host a Q&A or even host a live auction to a charity work. If you have the necessary funds, you can also place ads on Stories.



Explore lots of ways to use Story features for artist Instagram marketing and keep an eye out for updates. Instagram is constantly updating its features, widgets and other tools. You must have a certain number of followers to use certain features (like the “swipe up” feature “swipe up”) however, other parts are available to everyone.


Make sure you fulfill your commitment

Instagram analytics give you a full picture of how your followers react to each post. Its analytics show the number of viewed followers, the number of new followers, and the number of saves to your posts, and so on, all readily available.


Take note of the information and see what generates responses on your profile. Which posts are getting the most saves, comments, shares, likes, and likes? Try to understand what sets these posts apart and use that information to inform your marketing strategies.



This does not mean that your posts have to be identical, very neat, or even a bit of both (see point 1). It’s worth finding out how your followers react to your posts.


Engage with your Real Instagram followers through your posts and learn directly from them how to market your art on Instagram. Respond to insightful comments and participate in discussions whenever you can.


You can also simply express your gratitude that they appreciate your work. You’re probably unable to respond to every comment, especially if your profile is huge. However, engaging with your readers can be beneficial.


Engage in conversation with the artists. Post images that inspire you or content shared by your followers in your stories. You can ask them to do the same as a reward, and you can introduce your followers to other people they might like.



All of this makes the account active and favors Instagram’s algorithm, which hopefully will get your work noticed by more people.


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 Try to use Instagram video

Video is a very engaging interaction tool that every user uses. As it is a visual medium, Instagram is well suited for video. Use it to advertise your gallery.


Imagine you have an hour-long Instagram Live session that your followers may have missed. Save it and upload it to IGTV for everyone to see. The Reels feature lets you post short, TikTok-like videos effortlessly and is great for processing videos like speed painting.



It is possible to shake up your feed with a video. In the case of animators, you could, for example, upload a time-lapse snapshot of a character study and find out what people think about it.


Instagram recently released analytics for reels or live-streamed videos. This means you can now have more information to help you understand the content your followers are engaging with. Explore different variations of videos to find out what interests your followers and what you prefer to create.


Your feed should reflect your gallery

In addition to sketches and works in progress, you can keep some of your more delicate works of art for your feed. Explore various patterns and colors to give your meal an attractive and cohesive design.


Check out other apps that will make your stream more intriguing. Giant Square, for example, lets you create large collages from different squares in your feed. Unfold has beautiful templates that you can use to generate Stories or feed posts that look stunning.



It’s not only a way to show off your best work, but it will also give your gallery a professional look. You can also pair it with well-written captions that give insight into your work.

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Use Instagram hashtags and tags

As fuzzy as they can be, hashtags still have their place on social media. Using relevant hashtags whenever you upload your latest artwork to Instagram will help you promote your gallery so more people can find the work.


Make sure the hashtags you use are appropriate for your job. If you use random hashtags that you think might be popular, but have nothing to do with your business or the type of art you create, the algorithm will notice the fact that you won’t be able to see as many interactions.



Using relevant hashtags, like artsy wish uses #stencil art #stencil drawing and #Stencil art, helps people discover the art you’re looking for. Additionally, general hashtags such as #art will also allow you to be found by a large crowd who don’t know what they’re looking for.


Examine galleries and artists with a lot of followers to determine the type of hashtags they use and the accounts they use to tag them. Chances are that many of them can also be applied to your works and you can incorporate them into your strategies.


You can type in a hashtag, then look at the top posts about it, then the other hashtags people are using.


You may have a few groups of hashtags stored on your clipboard or notepad app, which you can copy and paste into your new posts. If they’re relevant and helpful, that’s okay and it saves you energy and time.


Collaborate Instagram 

If you can collaborate on a project with fellow artists and influencers, you know the art world well enough to come up with something fresh. It could be an Instagram live event or piece of art you’re working on together, or a short video you create with your co-worker.


Collaborating with other people gives you access to followers after sharing the project with their accounts and vice versa.


Use ads for Instagram Marketing

If you have the funds to invest in this, Instagram has a massive audience for paid ads. They have Story ads, In-feed ads, and now that Facebook is the sole owner of the platform, your ads will also be seen by their users.


You can simply convert any of your content into an advertisement by tapping “Promote”. Instagram’s advertising platform lets you target your ads to specific groups of people, and you can change how long your ad runs to suit your budget.


In everything from photography to oil painting, you have plenty of opportunities to showcase your work and collection on Instagram. Instagram lets you create content that draws attention to your work, then upload it anywhere.



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