How to Kick or Ban Someone on Discord

Setting up a Discord server means you’re already familiar with the process of moderating your members. Manageable for smaller groups, but impossible for larger ones.

Shortcuts include setting up a bot to filter posts or adding moderators to the system. But if users start acting up, you’ll have to take strong measures to reestablish order. One option is to simply kick them, which will allow them to rejoin at a later time, while the other is to permanently ban them.

Here is what you need to do to kick or ban a member from Discord.

How to Permanently Remove a User from Discord on Your Computer

There are two ways to remove users from your Discord server: kicking and banning. In comparison to permanently banning the user, “kicking” them is the less extreme option because they will no longer have access to your server. This allows the user to return at a later time if you extend a formal invitation.

This is an excellent option to consider before deciding on a permanent ban for those who have been abusive or disruptive. You can’t be confident that the user won’t try to come back, therefore banning is your only option.

Doing so will prevent them from gaining access to your server in any way, including via an invite link. Banned from discord are tied to a user’s IP address and account, therefore the only way to get around one is to create a new account and switch to a different IP.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Banning Someone from Discord

  • Launch the Discord website or app on your computer and login in to ban an infringing user.
  • After you log in, your server list will appear on the left side of the screen. The Server Settings menu can be accessed by clicking the channel’s name at the very top.
  • Select the Members tab on the left side of the server settings menu in Discord. You’ll find it under “User Management” here.
  • You can view a complete roster of everyone who has access to your server via the Server Members submenu. When you hover over a user’s name in the list, a choice will appear; click the three dots to the right of the username to kick or ban them.
  • Select “Kick” from the drop-down menu to permanently remove the user. This will permanently delete them from your server, making them inaccessible to both new and existing messages. Users who have been banned from the server must request a new invitation to rejoin.
  • Justifications for your kicks can be left in the Kickbox. To remove someone from your server, enter this into the box provided, leave it blank if you wish, and then click Kick.
  • Users who have been banned can immediately rejoin with an active invitation link. Select “Ban” if you’d rather permanently remove them.

Discord User Ban Instructions

  • Launch the Discord website or app on your computer and login in to ban an infringing user.
  • After logging in, select your server, click the channel name at the very top, and then click the Server Settings option.
  • Select the Members option in the Discord server configuration menu.
  • To access a user’s settings, hover over their name in the Server Members list and click the ellipsis (…) button.
  • To permanently remove the user from the system, select Ban from the main menu.
  • You can specify why you want to prohibit someone in the Ban box. Select “Delete Message History” from the drop-down box to remove the banned user’s message threads from your server.
  • You have the option of clearing out just the last 24 hours, the last 7 days, or all of their communication history. When you’ve decided who you want to ban, click the Ban button.
  • After a user has been banned, they will no longer have access to your server in any capacity.

Restoring a User’s Access to Discord

Any time you change your mind about banning someone from Discord, you can remove the ban by using reddit best vpn for torrenting. To accomplish what we’ve outlined:

  • Launch Discord on your personal computer.
  • To access your server’s configuration options, choose your server from the drop-down menu, then click the arrow icon to the left of your server’s name.
  • Select Bans from the sidebar menu of the Server Settings window.
  • Select the user’s name from the Ban list and click the button.
  • There will be a pop-up with details on the restriction. Select the Revoke Prohibition menu item to undo the ban.

Successfully Employing Discord

When you ban someone from your Discord server, they are effectively expelled from your group until you lift the ban. After you’ve established a reliable system of moderation for your server, you may fully take advantage of Discord. Using Discord’s screen-sharing features, for instance, you may broadcast what you’re doing on your screen so your friends can see you play a game, watch a video, or complete a task.

Access more features for your server and your users with a Discord Nitro subscription to increase your server’s trustworthiness. However, if you decide that Discord isn’t for you, deleting a server is a simple process. After that is finished, you can begin using a different service, such as Slack.

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