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Epic Games’ first NFT game is accused of theft even before it goes on sale



The Epic Games Store will soon host its first blockchain-enabled game: GRIT, although it seems that problems arise before its launch. They have been accused of stealing 3D models to sell in their game as NFTs.

NFT gaming has become more explosive than ever, especially in terms of quantity. This has caused, in part, the interest of the main players in the sector, such as Ubisoft, Epic Games or Tencent.Well, in this case, Epic Games, the developer and publisher behind Fortnite, officially announced their NFT game, called GRIT, a game developed by the Web3 gaming company, Gala Games, with a battle royale theme, set in the Wild West. .

This marks a milestone for the company as it is the first blockchain game to launch on the Epic Games Store. However, despite the early announcement, GRIT is scheduled to release later this year on the Unreal Engine .
That’s why the problems seem to come long before this one goes on sale. At a promotional event for the game, run by Gala Games, those who attended were able to obtain a unique Epic-rated mount.

However, this has been turned into a 3D model of a horse that can be purchased for $29.99 from the Epic Games Asset Store . This has sparked accusations of fraud, of course. If you don’t buy the horse, the mount is worth nothing.
But this is not all. And it is that, numerous accusations have come to Twitter that they have stolen this 3D model of the horse from an artist and have included it in their game to get money.

Initially this video game was not focused on NFTs, but after its agreement with Gala Games, the sale of these has been integrated, whose first surprise pack amounts to almost 19,000 Gala (the cryptocurrency of this platform) whose current exchange rate makes one of these boxes. which includes one of 10,000 random characters. cost about 1,400 euros.

This announcement is part of a strategy by the Web3 company to continue gaining followers in this field that Steam abandoned, since it also recently announced the first web3 first-person shooter from an AAA studio.

Regarding GRIT, the criticisms are not only related to the theft of 3D models and fraud, but they are also accused of being a cheap copy of one of their great video games, Fotnite.

We don’t know what will happen with the launch, if it finally comes out on the market (it seems so), however the bad reputation is already assured although who knows if this is driving the popularity of the game.

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GTA 6 Unleashed: Expect Epic Thrills and Controversial Chills




Although GTA 6 hasn’t been officially announced, it has been in development for a while based on releases. That shouldn’t be a huge surprise, though, as Grand Theft Auto V and its companion online multiplayer component, GTA Online, continue to hold the record for being the most played and purchased video games ever. “Another passage in the Grand Theft Auto series,” as per a Kotaku report, is being developed starting in April 2020. That report also suggested that we anticipate a more understated release, with game updates continuing the story in the vein of Grand Theft Auto Online or multiplayer online games.


Any shape could be a GTA 6 story. Accounts have covered a wide range of ideas and moods in the Grand Theft Auto series, from the somewhat lighthearted and entertaining GTA 5 to the critical critique of free enterprise shown in GTA 4. At this time, we’re not aware of any specific GTA 6 story beat. It’s unclear if future GTA heroes will be different, but we can’t think of anything better than to see GTA 6 give the main female GTA hero some thought. Dan Houser explained to The Guardian in 2013 why a woman wasn’t playable in Grand Theft Auto V and how the team could restart it later. “[With GTA V], we didn’t think about it this time.


There will be a ton of exercises to review, but the news that a different game in the series might duplicate the entirety of the US stays the same. Whether or not the ongoing GTA 6 interaction is enjoyable is one thing; the surface space of an area is another. Luckily, Rockstar has a great track record of delivering continuous engagement at that point, which keeps us coming back for more. If, after many hours of exploring GTA 6’s archetypes, the side missions distracted us from the main plot, a massive, full-sized US could occupy our time for eternity.

GTA 6 release date: When could it be

While we’re still a long way off from making date predictions, we may be able to attempt to determine a year, at the very least. Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar, states in a 2020 SEC filing that they intend to spend nearly $90 million on advertising in the fiscal year 2024, a significant increase from the previous years. Not many of T2’s games would bring in that much money. It is the kind of figure you would anticipate from their upcoming major release. Since then, a T2 representative has informed Games Industry Biz that external businesses—rather than an internal studio like Rockstar—are responsible for the marketing surge.

What is the GTA game controversy?

Since the original Grand Theft Auto game was released in 1997, the series has received both critical and popular acclaim. However, due to criticism regarding the game’s glorification of violence and excessive use of violence, many critics have condemned or outright banned the game, with others issuing warnings about its potential.

Is GTA 6 the most anticipated game?

According to a 2022 estimate from BofA Global Research, GTA 6 could bring in $3.5 billion in bookings at launch and an average of $2 billion per year after that. It has been the most anticipated game as well as one of the most lucrative.


Beyond just a game, GTA 6 is destined to become a cultural phenomenon. Rockstar Games is poised to revolutionize the gaming industry with its expansive gameplay features, state-of-the-art graphics, captivating narrative, and vast open world. The plot of GTA 6 seems to center on two main characters, which is a novel approach for the series. Lucia, the series’ first female protagonist, takes center stage as she sets out on her adventure beneath Vice City’s prison walls.

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The Four Universes of Ghost Machine



Ghost Machine’s innovative approach to doing business has certainly turned heads. This media company is the first to be owned and operated by its writers and artists. However, a fresh business model is not the only way Ghost Machine is shaking up the comics industry. Its imaginative, character-driven stories take readers on far-flung journeys across time and space. Ghost Machine writer Geoff Johns and the other creators have dreamed up four new universes.

The Unnamed

The Unnamed features a collection of characters and stories spanning time and space. Geoff Johns‘ story about Geiger, illustrated by Gary Frank, is one of these heroes. Geiger lost his family and his humanity in a nuclear war. Now able to soak up radiation, Geiger wanders a dystopian world and seeks to establish order. However, the story focuses on Geiger’s emotions and struggles, making him much more than a superhero automaton.

Likewise, Redcoat, First Ghost and Junkyard Joe tell the stories of inadvertant heroes thrust into extraordinary situations across time. Other writers and artists producing these stories include Bryan Hitch and Brad Meltzer.

Family Odysseys

To introduce the universe of Family Odysseys, the futuristic and dysfunctional Rocketfeller family travel back in time to escape a pending disaster. They spend their days navigating challenges in their new century. However, they learn that future catastrophes can also sail through time and space. This story is brought to life by Peter J. Tomasi and Francis Manapul.

Rook: Exodus

This epic sci-fi story set in the distant future opens with a struggling farmer who is excited about getting another chance on a planet where humans control everything, including nature. Unfortunately, the results are a war-torn world ravaged by violence and strife. The farmer, called Rook, becomes a Warden. He must choose between escaping the troubled planet or staying to fight in hopes of saving it. Geoff Johns and Jason Fabok teamed up to tell this story.

A Mysterious Universe of Horror

This fourth universe is being kept under wraps by Ghost Machine for a bit longer. Its first story series is set to launch in a few months.

Lamont Magee and Maytal Zchut also contribute to the rich storytelling at Ghost Machine with upcoming series. All stories from Ghost Machine feature strong individual characters.

The World of Ghost Machine

Geoff Johns and the other writers and artists at Ghost Machine have created four distinct universes as settings for comic book heroes. The innovative media company hopes to not only support creatives and their stories now but also to provide opportunities for upcoming writers and artists, because creativity is timeless.

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GTA 5 APK + OBB (Without Verification) 2022 Android/iOS




GTA 5 APK Download

If you are looking for a free GTA 5 APK download, you have come to the right place. This game is available for Android devices and you can download it with a simple download link. This game has lots of exciting features to offer. It involves killing enemies, assassinating people, rescuing people, and driving cars. You can even complete challenges and get money.


If you’re looking for a way to get access to GTA 5 on Android for free, you’ve come to the right place. Not only is it free, but you can also skip verification completely. This article will show you how. In the first part, we’ll discuss what verification is and how to skip it. Then, we’ll discuss how to get all the features unlocked in GTA 5.


First, you’ll need to install GTA 5’s APK and OBB files. Make sure you use a trusted browser to download these files. Otherwise, you may run into problems because the download was interrupted. After the download is complete, you’ll need to install the APK and extract the OBB files with a zip archiver application. Finally, copy both of the files to your Android/OBB folder.


Grand Theft Auto 5 is the latest game in the Grand Theft Auto series. It’s an action game in which you play the role of a criminal in a virtual world. The game involves a crime syndicate and three criminals from different cities.


Grand Theft Auto 5 is a high-quality, realistic game. Its features include improved graphics and sound, more real-life actions and exciting stages. Players can even use mopeds to get around town and complete missions. However, it’s recommended that you download the full version of the game in order to enjoy all of its features.


The new version of GTA 5 features a storyline that has been rewritten. In the game, you play as a man named Michael De Santa who was a former con. He owns a luxurious mansion and dreams of living the high life, but spends most of his time partying and watching dumb tv shows. You also control another character named Trevor Phillips, who is an intelligent and maniac who deals with methamphetamine distribution.


To install the GTA 5 APK, you will need to enable “Unknown Sources” on your Android device. This setting is located in the settings menu. Once you’ve enabled the setting, download the GTA 5 APK from the download link above. It’s important to remember the location of the downloaded file.

GTA 5 APK Download for Android

GTA 5 is now available for Android. But before you download it, you must have a high-speed internet connection. The game requires several GBs of data to download. It also contains the apk and cache files. The cache file is a compressed version of the game’s core and asset files.

It is the latest version of the popular Grand Theft Auto series. Praised for its excellent graphics and dynamic gameplay. It has an impressive storyline and a large game world. It allows you to commit daring robberies and nefarious acts. You can even watch live stock market prices. This game has something for everyone, from gamers to those who want to spend some time in the city.

The game was originally developed for the Xbox 360 and PC, but the latest version of the game is now available for Android devices. It offers the same realistic crime-based storyline and character and is compatible with nearly every android device.

GTA 5 APK FREE Download

If you are a fan of the GTA series, you might be interested in getting your hands on the latest version of the game. The new version of the popular game is now available for mobile devices. While the game isn’t available on the official Play Store or App Store, you can still download it for free through an APK file.


The game is available for Android devices and is one of the best-selling games ever. It has high-resolution graphics and realistic sound effects that make it fun to play. The game also has a wide variety of missions that you can undertake, including smuggling and killing anything in your way.

The graphics of GTA 5 are fantastic, with real cities and neighborhoods. The game is so realistic, in fact, that it has been called the best video game ever! It sold more than $800 million in its first day, and over one billion dollars in its first three days of release. It has been highly acclaimed for its realistic features, playable protagonists, open world design, and gameplay.


The latest version of GTA 5 is now available for download on the market. The game is available for Android and Windows Phone. This game has a new and improved look with enhanced graphics. It weighs 1.63 GB and offers a new and improved experience. It features enhanced multiplayer with new weapons and vehicles. GTA 5 also features a car garage. In addition, the game also offers a range of outfits for stunt racing enthusiasts, such as biker tattoos.

Installing the game requires two components – an APK file and an OBB file. These files are required for the game to work on Android devices. The OBB file contains the data files for the game. Both of these files are part of the Android application package. These files may include media files, graphics, and various large program assets.

In addition, the OBB file is necessary for running GTA 5 on Android devices. It has different types of vehicles and missions, as well as new controls. The game requires Android v4.0 or higher.

Gta 5 APK Download for PC

GTA 5 apk download for pc is a free download that is compatible with PC. This action-packed game features an overhauled story mode and three diverse protagonists. You can play as Michael De Santa, a former con, Franklin Clinton, a hoodlum, or Trevor Phillips, an intelligent maniac.

This action-adventure video game was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. Previously, it was only available for Microsoft Windows and consoles, but now Android users can enjoy the game on their devices as well. The game allows you to play in a new city and complete missions and activities.

The graphics in GTA 5 apk download for pc are impressive. The game has stunning textures, and it has 4K class effects. While previous versions of the game could play at a solid 30 frames per second, the latest version runs at 60 frames per second. Interestingly, it can run smoothly on three Nvidia GTX 980 graphics cards in SLI, though the highest settings couldn’t be achieved.

GTA 5 APK Download 35 MB

GTA 5 is a highly popular game with great graphics. The game is available for Android users and requires a 35 MB download. Before installing it, be sure that your device is ready. Once you’ve installed it, you can enjoy the graphics and gameplay on your device.

The GTA 5 apk download is perfect for fans of the Grand Theft Auto game. The game has the same game-play as the console and PC versions. If you’re a newbie, this is a great way to get started. It runs on most Android devices.

The game is available in various languages and has amazing graphics. You can use unlimited money, weapons, and features in this game. The gameplay is smooth and you can choose from a wide variety of weapons and vehicles. The game is also available in 33 languages.

GTA 5 APK No Verification

The GTA 5 apk no verification is a great way to avoid human verification and install the game on your Android device without hassle. This mod offers a lot of benefits, including the ability to install it on any Android device, and it includes simple games such as driving in the city and yoga. Its low download size and minimal requirements make it an excellent choice for people who want a lightweight, action-packed game.

To download the GTA 5 apk no verification, follow the link below. Then, simply follow the instructions to install the game. It is absolutely free. All you have to do is download the GTA 5 apk, extract the sd data, and enable unknown sources.

Open the file with a trusted browser, install the APK, and transfer it to your Android device. Once it is downloaded, enable Unknown Sources in the Settings menu. Once you have the APK and OBB files, copy them to your Android/OBB folder.

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