Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Games – Best Games Of All Time

Have you considered the best 10 most downloaded Android games of all time? Android games offer us diversions, some elements that make them attractive according to a particular perspective. Most people have been dependent on playing computer games for a long time. We should realize initially that Android games are intended for different stages including cell phones and tablets. As a result, these two gadgets can run with the UI adjusted to the screen size. Some games give us tremendous rush and twists.

However, out of the millions of games on the Google Play Store, a couple has made it to the best games of all time for a very long time. Those Android games have been intriguing many people for years. So in this article, we will go through the best 10 most downloaded Android games of all time.


Top 10 Most Downloaded Android Games

1. Fruit Ninja (50Cr+ Downloads)

Fruit ninja interactivity involves the player cutting a flying fruit with one edge and then placing a finger on the gadget’s touch screen. There are six types of fruit, and each type has three crisis levels. Apple, Orange, Banana, Strawberry, Mango, and Pineapple. Each type has three levels of difficulty – easy, medium, and test. Fruit Ninja game is one of the top 10 most downloaded Android games.

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2. Sniper 3D (50Cr+ Downloads)

The Sniper 3D game created by FunPlus was delivered on 7th October 2017. It is available on Android and iOS. The game is associated with destroying enemies with sniper rifles and reaching higher levels. The player needs to show accuracy in focus shooting from different distances. The player needs to shoot the focus within a duration range. Assuming that the time is up, the game will end. The game also allows players to hide before shooting the objective and press the left or right buttons to zoom in or out separately. Sniper 3D is an interesting game among the top 10 most downloaded Android games.

3. Hill Climb Racing (50Cr+ Downloads)

The game was first delivered on cell phones in April 2014 and later on PC in Walk 2015. More than 120 million players have played this game. It is also available for Android Television, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows Telephone 8.1, Tizen operating system, and Raspberry Pi.

Hill Climb Racing is a side-looking over-the-top racing game where players race against each other across an endless series of hills while avoiding obstacles along the way. The player drives a rough terrain vehicle on a mountain road while using different hand gestures to gain speed when climbing hills, bank left or right when turning corners, etc. Hill Climb Racing is one of the most mind-blowing animating games out of the top 10. Most downloaded android game.

4. Temple Run 2 (50Cr+ Downloads)

This game is made for Android, iOS, and Windows Phones. It’s a free-running match-up with a 3D design. You will be controlling a pilgrim who needs to escape from the evil spirit monkeys. The devil monkeys have fled their enclosures and are following the pioneer. The best way to escape is to get to the exit of the level before the evil spirit monkeys find you. You can use whatever is important to propel you forward with jerks like jumping, climbing, swinging ropes, and sliding under things. So this is a great game among the best 10 most downloaded android games.

5. My Talking Tom (50Cr+ Downloads)

My Talking Tom is an allowed-to-play application for iOS and Android gadgets. The player will probably take care of, deal with, clean up afterward, and play with the virtual pet cat. Another virtual pet breeding game for iOS and Android gadgets allows players to take care of, clean up afterward and play with a virtual pet cat. The app includes three modes: Care Time, Entangled Companion, and Vacation. This is the best time-lapse game among the top 10 most downloaded Android games.

6. Ball Pool (50Cr+ Downloads)

8 Ball Pool is a game that has been around for some time. It has many highlights including eight ball pool competitions, a talk, an evening out the framework, and a few others. There are three game modes: a single-player mode where you can play the multiplayer version of the game with or without the help of someone else. The latter mode is multiplayer, where you can continuously play against others beyond your mate list. Ultimate Mode is a disconnected mode where you can rehearse your abilities whenever you want without using info or wifi.

The 8 Ball Pool application has north of 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store and 50 million downloads on the application store for iOS gadgets. It is currently available in 123 countries in 10 dialects – English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Norwegian. Probably the best two-player game among the top 10 most downloaded Android games.

7. Clash Of Clans (50Cr+ Downloads)

Clash of Clans is a portable procedure game where you fabricate a local area, train troops, and set off on a mission to obliterate the rival’s town. Clash of Clans is a procedure round of building a local area to go after the rival’s town. Players assemble their protections and train their soldiers to go after the foe with various kinds of weapons. The objective of Clash Of Clans is to construct your town and afterward safeguard it from foe group assaults. Clash of clans is one of the most incredible vital games among the main 10 most downloaded android games.

8. Garen Free Fire (100Cr+ Downloads)

Garren Free Fire is a fight royale game that can be accessed for free on the Apple Application Store. You start in a hall with different players and must trust that the beginning will end before the game starts. You press play on your handset and use your fingers to point at your personality weapon to begin playing. There is a wide array of weapons to look at – some more remarkable than others.

You need to get used to each one before concluding which one is most ideal for you. At the point when you end up dead in the game, it’s not an apocalypse! You need to start all over again towards the start of the match, even if there are only 10 seconds left! It is one of the fastest growing among the top 10 most downloaded Android games.

9. Subway Surfers (100Cr+ Downloads)

Subway Surfers is a side-looking running match-up. Players control certain characters who must avoid oncoming trains and various obstacles while looking from left to right in a spray painting-covered scene. The versatile version has been downloaded over 1 billion times from the Google Play Store. It was one of the famous games among the top 10 most downloaded Android games.

10. Candy Crush Saga (100Cr+ Downloads)

Candy Crush Saga is a riddle game where the player needs to match comparative desserts to make a line or segment of at least three desserts of a similar sort. To beat a level, the player needs to gather all the candy on the board. The player can likewise utilize exceptional confections to vanish from where they are and increment focuses when coordinated with others. The versatile form has been downloaded north of 1 Billion times from the Google Play Store. Candy Crush is a top-earning game in the best 10 most downloaded android games.


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