Since its inception, animation has come a long way. It has given individuals the ability to communicate stories in the most exciting and meaningful ways conceivable.

Animated videos are one of the best ways to attract an audience of any age, from helping them experience fantasy stories to encouraging them in a thought-provoking manner. This fact disproves the widely held belief that animated videos are only for youngsters! Though it is a captivating video style, comprehending the various types of animation and how they work can be very daunting. Because animation as a whole is a big subject with zillions of intrinsic techniques. But don’t be concerned. We will teach you everything you need to know about animation! Let’s start with what is animation and many other things.


The technique of sketching and sewing together many pictures (or drawings) to generate the illusion of movement is known as “animation.” Video animation is the process of combining various parts of animation and distributing them in a video file format. To mention a few, the most prevalent video file formats are.mp4,.avi,.wmv,



Whiteboard Animation is a style of animation in which a scenario is drawn on a whiteboard and recorded as an illustrative story. Whiteboard animation is a distinct video animation technique that immerses the audience in an immersive experience by constructing each frame right in front of the user. Furthermore, these animations are generally accompanied by narration while the story is being produced. Whiteboard animations are commonly used in explainer videos since they serve to illustrate ideas in a simple and effective manner.


3D animation brings digital objects to life by giving the impression that they are moving in three dimensions. These animations, despite being exhibited on a 2D screen, mirror the concepts of 3-Dimension in the actual world. These kinds of animations are currently frequently employed in a variety of circumstances. Movies and ads can be found anywhere.


2D animation refers to vector-based animations like those found in Flash. Because the technology is so accessible, this type of animation is becoming more popular. Although artists can modify frame by frame, vector-based animation allows them to design rigs for their figures and move single body parts at a time rather than constantly redrawing them. It allows beginners in animation more versatility because they don’t have to rely as heavily on sketching abilities.

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This animation style is most typically utilized in the creation of explainer videos. Cartoon animation offers a wide range of applications due to its strong sense of comedy. You can go for a more exciting, adventurous notion with this style. There are a lot of colors, funny bits with sound effects, emotive characters, and rich ambient components.


Typography animation has grown in popularity as a means of bringing life and vitality to the screen. It is basically the animation of words and data, usually (but not always) in time with a narration. It has a basic design and may be used for everything from corporate presentations to music videos. One of typography animation’s greatest qualities is its ability to convey a message swiftly without the use of elaborate images. A simple text animation can be used to great effect if done well; yet, if done incorrectly, it might come across as corny or unprofessional!


Whether you are an educator, digital marketer, or freelance video content developer, these five amazing video animation styles will provide you with numerous possibilities if you ever need to create a video. Do you want to learn how to make an animated video? You can build your own video animation using various tools that is available online or you can opt the best animation company in USA for your animation videos. Keep in mind that your content is just as important as your animation style. You won’t be able to create a stunning animated video unless you have decent content!

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