In Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand kedarkantha is a popular winter trek destination. Where you will see the forests of pine as well as frozen lakes like Juda ka Talab and the Sumit of kedarkantha peak is at 3840 meters and is one of the best trekking destinations in Uttarakhand. 


The largest Himalayan mountain range that goes through India Nepal and Bhutan and is the part of Garhwal Himalayas. The kedarkantha trek is situated at 12500 feet above sea level. It is a very popular trekking destination amount Indians as well as foreign tourists.


About the trek

This trek also shows you a very beautiful view of snow-covered mountains. It is a place where you’ll see snow leopards as well as other rare species. This trek is of 7 days and you will love to experience the beauty and the stay of that trek. There are many places to visit on the trek such as religious places. Gangotri temple as well as BadBadrinathmple is also there.


There are millions of people who have a dream to be part of the Kedarnath yatra and worship the Kedar Kantha temple. But yes many people every year come there with full enthusiasm for worshipping. Not only this but in the kedarkantha trek, there are many things to do people see things according to their interests that what they can do, or what should they do to enjoy their fullest. 


Best time to visit

The time to visit the KedarKantha trek is from March to October when the weather is good and there are few chances of snowfall and rain. During that time of the year, the weather is also the best you will love to see the view.

Not only one trekking route there are many different trekking routes from which you can choose one.


The one very popular route is at the top of Kedar Kantha the route takes 6-7 km and is 10 hours long. The second route is the route which is near the beautiful lake which is a little ahead of the campsite it takes 4-5 hrs to reach and is 8km long. There are many small routes also which are 6km and take 2-3 hrs to reach.


Difficulty level

Kedarnath is a very good trek, especially for beginners many people have adventures for the 1st time and they love doing adventures not just climb climbing there are many other adventures to perform. For this, you don’t need any prior experience you can easily go there if you want to start it as your first trekking experience. 


But yes not at all an easy trek full of adventure and you’ll need to climb a lot in this. Many things make this trek a very challenging trek.  If you are going somewhere then you should be aware of what and at which place you are going and what is near that.


Zipline at Sankri

Sankri zipline ride many people visit here to enjoy zipline rides it takes every trekker out to the paradise of the Himalayas.

Juda ka Talab is a very high altitude place it treks around Kedar Kantha trek in the Uttarkashi district of Uttrakhand. 


There is also a Rameshwar Mahadev sank which is situated in the Mohri block of Uttarkashi Uttarakhand. This temple is truly dedicated to lord Shiva and the devotees of lord Shiva comes to visit. Kedarkantha trek is near many rivers and valleys it is a place that offers an easy and enjoyable trek to go for anyone. 


It is a Lovely trek to be gone at any time of the year.

But for the people who love trekking place is secondary but they are going for the trek is the main thing for their experience. 


Kedarkantha trek in winter

This trek is popular among the most going place in the winter season after going there your mood of going trekking will be fulfilled and you will be the happiest. This trek is most famous because of the view we get to see from there. It is a classic winter trek that gives you a close-up to witness it closely. 


This trek starts from a village in Uttrakhand which is in the area of wildlife. There are many houses made of wood there and the place is lovable and full of its charm that people get attracted to it.


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