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This is Dynamic World, Google’s platform that uses AI to offer real-time data on changes in the ecosystem



Google is using its Earth engine and artificial intelligence platform to develop a new tool called Dynamic World.

Historically, and with ongoing geographic changes due to climate change and overpopulation, it has been difficult to access detailed, up-to-date data on ecosystem changes to document how much of a region is covered by different types of land. and water, such as wetlands, forests, crops, trees, buildings, etc.
However, with this new tool, Google wants to solve this problem, thanks to a collaboration with the World Resources Institute (WRI). With Dynamic World we will be able to observe the changes that occur almost in real time in all ecosystems.

We leave you the link so you can take a look at the website and investigate on your own how the passage of time has affected your area.

Based on artificial intelligence and cloud computing, they manage to assess whether a pixel, or what is the same, 100 m2, is covered by water, forest, floors or cultivated land, among many other categories.

Offering this data so quickly makes it much easier for researchers and environmentalists to keep our planet protected. With this tool, for example, it will be possible to do a much more exhaustive monitoring of the polar ice caps or how massive urbanization is slowly destroying everything.
Until then, the terrestrial maps have been supplied on a monthly basis, with the changes that can be made within that time, between when the data is collected and evaluated.

With Dynamic World we will also be able to know how a fire is progressing and how much land it is consuming a few seconds after it occurs and thus evaluate, at a glance, the measures to be taken into account.

Thanks to observing the rapid growth of farmland , it has made known the scarcity of it and therefore the need to look for smarter, more environmentally friendly and more sustainable methods to make use of it.

Google is making Dynamic World accessible as a free and open dataset.

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How is it that 6streams are unique?



6streams xyz

A well-known online feature known as 6streams offers some games channels. Viewers will never be bored with the amount and variety of sports programming on this site. Any sports channel, international and domestic can be viewed. The fact that it is a no-cost service is the most appealing feature. Contrary to many live-streaming services, you can stream lots of data without cost.

Additionally, despite not having any cost, this program gives you detours to a higher goal. With no cost to the site, you can view your preferred gaming channel for 1020p. It is like other traditional administrations with regards to accommodations and natural resources. All sports that include golf, tennis, American football, mixed martial arts, wrestling darts, soccer dashing, handball and volleyball are available through this site.

What is the 6streams Interface?

A website’s user interface is the most crucial element. The interface in 6streams is simple to comprehend and explore. Because there’s no clutter, anyone can navigate it with no difficulties. Professional companies promise to keep the site up-to-date so that visitors are able to access the latest information. There aren’t any fake links that lead users to other websites that display advertising that is loud. 6streams is discreet and does not recommend its customers to external parties.

They provide the amazing relationship

There is a lot of confusion when browsing the web because a lot of websites are difficult to navigate. There’s plenty of things to see on this fascinating website due to it being home to several gaming channels from different nations. 6streams has developed a number of categories for their channels to help customers to navigate through the site.

Finding someone who is happy with a decent goal even when they are free is nearly impossible. If you want to broadcast live games and other events, it’s significantly more difficult to obtain high-quality broadcasts. Because the video quality on this site is superb 6streams is the winner for this reason. Users can stream high-quality video content for no cost.

A wonderful Enchanted Site

The real-time function is known as 6stream. Because of the popularity of this website for sports fans There are also a few intermediate users. Thanks to this site, avid sports fans can watch their favourite sports anytime they like without having to shell out an enormous amount of money on a tiny number of channels. There are several websites that are comparable to 6streams, but 6streams stands out due several unique factors. There was some controversy over its legality, however the streaming service that was deemed to be a good choice quickly stole the spotlight. Let us know some things regarding the 6streams website.


Many websites are unorganized that makes users frustrated when surfing the web. The streaming of NFL live online is an excellent way to keep track of your favourite teams and players throughout the course of the season as this intriguing website hosts a number of sports channels from various countries. It’s not only practical, but also affordable.

NFL live streams are accessible on streaming services like Netflix and Hulu for those who want to stream NFL games without cable subscription. NFL live streams are available on a variety of websites such as YouTube as well as

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First scuba dive experience





There is always a first time for everything. The firsts are full of excitement, adventure, a lot of questions, a lot of thoughts, fear, joy, and whatnot. Your first scuba dive experience will be full of joy. There are things you should have added to your bucket list. Well, you should add scuba diving to your bucket list very fast. Do you want to know why? Because this activity will take you to another world. 


There is no other sport like scuba diving. Well, if you are confused with the thing that what is scuba diving? Will I be able to do that? Is it scary? And so on. You should be full of questions right now. Well, do not take tension because in this article we are going to tell you everything about scuba diving that will make your first scuba dive experience full of excitement. 


About Scuba diving

Well, if you do not know what is scuba diving then let me clear up your question. You will swim underwater wearing some special equipment for breathing. You will be exploring marine life very closely. Do not worry you do not need any prior experience in scuba diving. 


But if you want to go very deep into the ocean then only you need to know a little bit about swimming. It is an adventurous underwater sport. You will feel like you are flying under the water. You will just see another life that does not resemble you but is beautiful. 

Now, we should talk about who can do scuba diving. 


This is a very important thing to discuss. Well, let me tell you that anyone above 10 can do this sports activity. You just need good physical fitness for scuba diving and, the willpower to explore this world. Most important you should feel comfortable with water. You are good to go for this amazing activity.


The Guide to the activity

You will be guided with everything which you need to know about. If you already do swimming then this will be a little easy for you but if you are not familiar with water then you must be scared a little bit. Once you are surrounded with anxiety and fear then you may think of not doing it.  But do not let your mind decide not to do this. This will be the biggest mistake of your life. 


Now, let us talk about the cost and price of scuba diving in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Well, it depends upon what kind of dive you want deeper or, not so deeper also what school you choose. 


Types of Scuba

A single dive – the estimate is Rupees 4500 to 5000 which includes an introduction session of scuba diving and a guide with an instructor.


Two dives – the estimate is Rupee 6000 to 7000 which includes an introduction session of scuba diving and a guide with an instructor.


Scuba lite- In rupees 3500 you will get a short intro scuba dive session but without any instructor. Your time under the water will be half an hour. 

So this is all about the cost you will get to pay in Andaman and Nicobar Islands if you go for a scuba dive here. 


The Padi experience

Well, if you have signed up for a PADI discover scuba dive experience then you will be provided a brief introduction to scuba diving. You will be getting a small pool session. This pool session is for those who do not know swimming or for the ones who are weak swimmers. This small pool session will make you get comfortable with water. You will know what you should do and what you should not do. 


The instructor will tell you how to wear a BCD jacket. You will wear some equipment that will help you to breathe when you will in water. There will be only two cases whether you will love it a lot or you will hate it. Well, once you are done with all the sessions. You are good to go scuba diving. 


Scuba: An interesting activity

Well, kids are always keen to learn new things. Not only that kids learn things very quickly. This is the reason kids are more interested in scuba diving than adults. 

Well, once you are under the water. You will be able to feel the marine life. Your instructor will always be there for you. 


For the very first time, your instructor will be taking you into the deep ocean while holding your hands. Well, if it is your first time you will be around 40 feet under the water. This 40 to 50 minutes dive into the water will take you to another world. 


Well, you will be a little scared in the first few minutes. You will not feel like you are breathing. But do not panic start slowly. Make yourself feel relaxed under the water. This will help you to get comfortable and explore more.

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Things to Consider While Buying Art Online



Online shopping is not only trending but people love it when they can order and get their order at their doorstep. People consider ordering goods from online stores to be a time-saving and money-saving technique. However, they find it difficult to order art online as they remain concerned about the quality and condition of the artwork. Art on 7th is a recommended art gallery that every art lover should visit before making their buying decision.

Before leaving, check into this guide where we are going to share some ideas for buying art online.

– Deep research

If you are used to buying stuff online, you may know the importance of research before spending anything. So, buying art online can work out just fine if you spend your time researching before placing an order. Whether you are looking to buy a painting, sculpture, or any other form of art, this is a plus given the current trend of the market. It’s better to have a clear insight into artistry than to rely on someone’s suggestions.

– Beware of Unauthorized Artifacts

The market is full of duplicate products. When ordering anything online – especially something like artwork – it is intimidating to ensure the authenticity of the product on the market. Sometimes the painting is re-applied with thicker paint to make it look original. However, there are many websites that sell standard artworks and have a license to sell them online. So, make sure you are buying from a licensed website. It is better to compare the artworks of the artist to understand the way, quality, prints, designs, and signatures of their work. Pay special attention and check whether the prints are numbered or not. The best thing is to do your homework before jumping to any conclusion.

– Source of purchase

In many situations, online sellers are dealers who act as an intermediary between the artist and the audience and profit from the sale. It is suggested to verify the agent’s longevity in the business to evaluate their authenticity and reliability for purchase. It is suitable if you can buy it directly from the artist. Many artists like direct purchases because it can help them interact with their clients.

– Find out about the artist

It is always better to cross-check and research the artist before making an online purchase. Spend some time checking out his/her profile or work, whether he or she is recognized in the local market or has a powerful image internationally. Awards and recognitions can say a lot about an artist, so you can determine whether he/she is genuine or not through his/her achievements.

– Pay a fair price for the artwork

It’s worth paying a fair price for artwork rather than overvaluing the craft. As mentioned earlier, beware of duplicate work that sellers are selling at discounted prices compared to the original price. Compare artwork’s prices, quality, and condition before determining final payment. There is no doubt that buying art online is cheap but comparing prices is essential to get the best deal. When some sellers sell the same artwork for a lower price, you will need to double-check its quality and condition. No one would want to buy a duplicate art piece for their home or office.

In short,

Buying art online is certainly cool, but a few ideas can save you time, money, and effort. Explore the various arts at Art on 7th Gallery to understand the depth, versatility, originality, and class of modern and traditional art and design.

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