What Is The Best Thermal Transfer Label Printer for Shipping

Thermal Transfer Label Printer In general is great to produce barcode labels because they create high-quality images with excellent edge definition. Yes, almost all thermal printers can print shipping labels. Unless the label printer is small enough to load shipping labels. The standard size for shipping labels is 4″ x 6″, other standard sizes are 4″ x 4″ or 6″ x 3″. As mentioned, you can also print shipping labels with any desktop printer.

However, we do recommend using a label printer for printing shipping labels, as this speeds up the label printing process, eliminating downtime that is often caused by problems with desktop printers.

How to Find the Perfect Shipping Thermal Transfer Label Printer?

To find the best Thermal Transfer Label Printer for you, there are several factors to consider when choosing a thermal printer:

Label size

The versatility to change label types and sizes can benefit your business. While most of the time you can only print shipping labels, there are options to print other labels such as name labels, address labels, etc. that can address your other printing needs.

Printer Compatibility

Before purchasing a thermal transfer label printer, make sure you verify that it will work with the hardware you have. Select the label printer for your device’s operating system. This makes new and updated label printers an even better choice.

Printing speed

A prominent factor advertised by most printer manufacturers is print speed. It is important to keep this in mind, especially when printing large labels for your business where you will need to print hundreds of labels at once.

Printer connection

Connectivity is also a factor to consider, especially for your printing conditions. For home and office printing, a thermal transfer label printer with a wired connection works well. However, for mobile printing, you may want cloud and wireless printing. For a busy business, you should opt for a wireless label printer so you can print without a wired connection.

What Do I Need to Consider When Choosing a Dymo Label Maker?


Ask yourself: Is it for home use or for business use? Do you use labels for business purposes, shipping or organizing documents and books at home? Do you need address labels, shipping labels, barcode labels or RFID labels? If you just need to organize and label content in your home or office files, use the Dymo Label Writer 450. For shipping labels choose the Dymo Label Writer 4xL. If you have a lot of orders to fulfill each month, the Dymo Label Writer 450 Twin Turbo can save you even more time.

Enoki products are available in different label sizes for each application and offer huge discounts, especially for bulk orders. Our Dymo compatible labels feature micro-perforations that promote smooth label printing.

Label Dimensions for Dymo Printers

Amazon FBA FNSKU, UPC, FedEx, USPS, and other international shipping labels have label guidelines and require the correct label size. Typically, these 4″ x 6″ labels are widely used as standard shipping labels for USPS, UPS, and FedEx. For FNSKU labels, Amazon requires a valid label size between 1″x2″ or 2″x3″ inches. This means you can use 2¼”x1¼” labels for your Amazon FNSKU and is compatible with the Dymo LabelWriter 450.

Printer Resolution or Image Quality

Another important consideration in choosing a Dymo label maker is the resolution of the thermal transfer label printer. This is in DPI or dots per inch. If you are an Amazon seller or an eCommerce seller shipping products, most fulfillment centers require high-resolution printouts in the 300 to 600 dpi range. If your products are sold in retail stores, you also want to consider easy-to-scan barcode labels. Printers typically have a barcode resolution of 203 dpi, which is considered readable, but in the lower resolution range.

Wireless Connection

If you need to connect a Dymo printer to your desktop, you need a simple USB connection. For companies that need to connect the thermal transfer label printer to multiple users, you will need an Ethernet (LAN) connection. If you want something portable, check out the Dymo wireless printer, which connects to a computer or phone via WIFI or Bluetooth.

Best Shipping Thermal Transfer Label Printer

We hope this guide will help you design the thermal transfer label printer of your choice. But no matter which one you choose from our recommendations, also make sure you’re buying the best shipping labels for your printer. Whether it’s standard die-cut labels or continuous labels, choose durable, consistent, high-quality rolls that fit within your budget.

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