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Russian criminal business in the UK: Artem Degtiarov – AIR JUSTICE LTD



In this article, we will tell in detail the story “from the first hand” about how the Russian criminal business works in Britain, which is engaged in blackmail and money laundering from air carriers.

Note: This material reflects the opinions and assessments of the author, and the accusations made must be proven in court

Fraudulent business

We were recently contacted by a British Air Operator (name withheld for security reasons) who provided a lot of evidence, testimony, phone and email correspondence that revealed a criminal scheme to extort money from air carriers around the world. One of the possible centers of this criminal scheme is based in London, namely a company that was registered at 71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden in September 2021 under the name AIR JUSTICE LTD, or better known as BlackList Aero.

This company, from the information on their website, specialises in working with debtors, and its CEO is Artem Degtiarov – distinguished himself in several high-profile criminal scandals in Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Already from this description, it becomes quite clear that the activities of BlackList Aero are not limited to legal work, but use the entire arsenal of criminal methods that have their roots in the way business is conducted in Russia. Certainly, let’s address each point in order.

You have to pay a thousand, you owe a million

One of the cases presented here is about a small air operator that provides services as private charter flights. There are thousands of such companies in Britain and around the world. Normal commercial day-to-day operations, interaction with customers and partners, receiving money from customers and payment for services. Standard commercial agreements and transparent contracts. This is quite a successful business that brings stable profits. These are the companies that Artem Degtiarov and AIR JUSTICE LTD will be interested in. After all, when there is money, there is something to blackmail and something to earn.

And the scheme of this earnings is very simple. A new client or partner who offers good conditions with post-payment is requested. Insists on his own terms of contracts, or offers to sign additional papers. The amount of the agreement is small, tens of thousands, but immediately after signing the agreement, thousands immediately become hundreds, because Degtiarov’s company is involved in the case, which begins to use the entire arsenal of means for the purpose of pressure, blackmail and other criminal methods of extorting money.

If you don’t want to have problems, you will pay

One of the effective methods that works well in Britain and other European countries is informational pressure with threats of reputation destruction, in particular through the posting of false information on the Internet or in social media.

The company that contacted us also went through this, but did not get significant problems from it, because its clients and partners had long-term trust, and therefore the first step did not work here.

Nevertheless, the company still suffered, because after the information attack, the second stage began – extortion of money and the use of criminal collection methods – threats, constant phone calls and emails to managers and employees, the use of psychological pressure, as well as false fake presentation of themselves as lawyers or on even certain officials. You can see more details about BlackList Aero reception and their methods of operation in this material.


Another area is working with partners. Here, the task is to cause maximum damage by sending false information from fake addresses that the partner company is bankrupt or violates laws, or using frankly false information about the legal status of the debtor, the possible consequences of non-payment, or even court decisions, which spoils the company’s reputation in the eyes of partners.

Undoubtedly, all this affects the psychological state of employees and management. This happened in our case as well. Threats of physical or economic harm to the debtor or his family, theft and illegal use of personal data, eventually transitioning into private life and company managers feeling the threat of violence against themselves and their families or damage to property – all this became the moment when the company agreed to the demands of collectors in the person of Artem Degtiarov and paid the money that was demanded from it by criminal activity and breaking the law.

Once you’ve given money, they will come back for more

Unfortunately, this was the case in our situation as well. Despite our previous encounters with debt collectors, our inconspicuous company found itself approached by a new potential partner — a seemingly reputable air carrier offering favorable terms and post-payment arrangements. Once again, it was not initially evident that this association would lead us back to Artem Degtiarov and AIR JUSTICE LTD.

However, armed with our past experiences, our company recognized the warning signs and refused to make any further payments. We promptly reported the matter to the police, and now, all the evidence and testimonies from the victims are being carefully examined and processed. We remain hopeful that those responsible will face the appropriate consequences, and that such collection methods, reminiscent of the organized crime of the 1930s, will be eradicated. Nevertheless, there are still risks involved as long as individuals with criminal backgrounds, including Russians, engage in such business practices.

Therefore, it is imperative for all companies to exercise utmost caution when selecting partners and ensure that they operate within the framework of established rules and legislation. Vigilance in partner selection is essential to mitigate potential risks and protect one’s business interests from unscrupulous individuals and organizations.

Criminal past

The central figure in this criminal narrative, Artem Degtiarov, possesses a significant criminal history that warrants its own tale. He has been involved in numerous intriguing cases in both Russia and Ukraine, directly entangled in political and financial scandals where he employed tactics of extortion, intimidation, and blackmail to generate illicit financial gains. Degtiarov’s clientele spanned across politicians and businessmen, and during that time, he worked under the management of Boris Berezovsky, who is well-known for his extensive stay in London. It is likely that due to these associations and the presence of numerous unsuspecting companies, Britain became the chosen ground for accumulating such ill-gotten profits, as our character perceived it to be an “easy” environment for conducting such criminal activities.

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Cloud ERP Implementation: Balancing the CFO and CIO Perspectives



Exploring the dynamic between the CFO’s financial stewardship and the CIO’s drive for technological innovation in the context of cloud ERP implementation. This article examines their contrasting viewpoints and the role of independent implementation expertise in harmonizing these perspectives.

The CFO Mindset: Mitigating Migration Risks to the Mission

  • Cost Control Validation: Emphasizing the importance of aligning total cost of ownership with budget targets and balancing project scope with budget constraints.
  • Scalability Sizing: Highlighting the need for flexible, subscription-based sizing options that adapt to changing demands, including organic growth and mergers/acquisitions.
  • Accelerated ROI Projections: Discussing the importance of quantifying benefits, sunsetting legacy costs, and validating gains against spending.
  • Post-Implementation Continuity Assurance: Stressing the need for designs that ensure financial reporting continuity, operational integrity, and regulatory adherence post-implementation.

The CIO Mindset: Protecting Innovation from Itself

  • Architecture Vetting: Scrutinizing cloud delivery mechanisms, access controls, encryption, and cyber-attack resistance.
  • Integration Governance: Managing legacy system transitions and orchestrating system logic into modern platforms with minimal disruption.
  • Adoption Readiness: Ensuring training effectiveness and providing post go-live support to minimize productivity disruptions.

Where Two Worlds Converge: Uniting Finance and Technology Executive Leadership

  • Informed Consensus Building: Aligning finance and technical priorities and conveying migration rationales to stakeholders.
  • Proactive Compliance Planning: Maintaining financial reporting and regulatory adherence through stress testing and policy development.
  • Adoption Commitment Certainty: Obtaining executive mandates and reinforcing training and support during adoption phases.
  • Candid Budget Grounding: Offering objective perspectives on software promises vs. functionality realities, including total cost of ownership.

The Partner Perspective: Value Beyond Software Licenses

  • Addressing Risks: Implementing multi-phased milestone planning and integrated testing to mitigate transitional risks.
  • Ensuring Perpetual Compliance: Architecting system controls to uphold financial governance and transferring audit frameworks post-stabilization.
  • Post-Consultation Support: Training IT and business analysts for self-sufficiency and providing interim support for process mastery.
  • Learning from Runaway Software Projects: Communicating software limitations and guiding process augmentations for better adoption.

The AcuPower Cloud ERP Advantage: A Methodology That Delivers Results

Detailing AcuPower LTD‘s comprehensive implementation methodology, proven over 10+ years and 100+ successful cloud ERP migrations, emphasizing its cross-departmental executive engagement and operational actualization.

Exploring Your Exclusive Cloud ERP Possibilities with AcuPower

Encouraging readers to consider the benefits of expertly guided ERP migrations for optimizing operations and decision-making, and inviting them to schedule a consultation with AcuPower for personalized strategy and integration planning.

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Exploring the Art of Flat Lay Photography: A Comprehensive Guide for Aspiring Photographers



Flat lay photography has emerged as a popular style in the world of digital imagery, particularly for those looking to showcase products, fashion, food, and more in a unique, engaging way. This article, inspired by the intricate work of flat lay photographer showcased on StylePhotos, delves into the nuances of this photography style and offers practical tips for both beginners and seasoned photographers.

What is Flat Lay Photography?

Flat lay photography involves arranging objects on a flat surface and photographing them from directly above. This style is particularly effective for storytelling, as it allows the photographer to create a narrative through the careful placement of items within the frame. According to professionals like Doaa Elkady and Heather Barnes, the essence of flat lay photography lies in its ability to convey stories and themes through a combination of objects, colors, and textures​​.

Essential Tips for Mastering Flat Lay Photography

1. Crafting the Narrative

Begin by deciding on the story you want to tell. This could be a simple scene like a morning breakfast or a more complex arrangement showcasing a product. The key is to ensure that every element in the frame contributes to the overall narrative​​.

2. Selecting the Hero Item

Identify a focal point or ‘hero’ item for your flat lay. This item will guide the viewer’s eye and anchor the composition. The hero item should be prominent but not overwhelming​​.

3. Balancing Elements and Colors

Maintain balance in your composition by evenly distributing colors and objects. This doesn’t mean everything must be symmetrical, but there should be a visual harmony that ties the scene together. Experiment with color theory to enhance the visual appeal of your flat lay​​​​.

4. Lighting Techniques

Lighting is crucial in flat lay photography. Use diffused natural light to avoid harsh shadows. Cloudy days are ideal for shooting as they provide soft, even lighting. If you’re working indoors, position your setup near a north-facing or south-facing window to achieve a similar effect​​.

5. Embracing Simplicity

Start with a minimalist approach. Flat lay photography often relies on the cleanliness and isolation of each item. Begin with a few elements and gradually add more, ensuring each new item complements the existing setup without creating clutter​​.

6. Utilizing Layers and Textures

Introduce layers and textures to add depth to your flat lay. This can be achieved through overlapping items or using materials like fabrics, paper, or natural elements. Layering creates an illusion of three-dimensionality and adds interest to the composition​​.

7. Camera Equipment and Settings

While professional DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are commonly used, don’t underestimate the power of a smartphone. Many modern smartphones are capable of producing stunning flat lay images, especially in good lighting conditions. If using a camera, a wide to standard lens (35mm or 50mm) is recommended to avoid distortion and to capture the entire scene​​.

8. Composition Techniques

Apply basic compositional rules such as the rule of thirds, symmetry, and leading lines. These guidelines can help create a well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing flat lay. Always experiment and review your compositions

to determine what works best for each scenario​​.

9. Editing for Perfection

Post-processing plays a significant role in flat lay photography. Use editing software to adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation. Cropping can also enhance the composition by focusing on certain elements or creating a sense of a larger scene. Developing a consistent editing style or using presets can establish your unique photographic signature​​.

10. Experimentation and Practice

The most crucial aspect of flat lay photography is experimentation. Try different arrangements, play with various objects, and observe how they interact within the frame. Practice is key to mastering this style. Each attempt offers new insights and ideas, helping you refine your technique and creative vision.

Applications of Flat Lay Photography

Flat lay photography is versatile and can be applied in various contexts:

  • Product Photography: Ideal for showcasing products in a lifestyle setting, allowing potential customers to visualize the product in use.
  • Fashion and Beauty: Flat lays can display clothing, accessories, and makeup attractively, highlighting details and color combinations.
  • Food Photography: This style is excellent for presenting dishes and ingredients, offering a comprehensive view of the meal.
  • Social Media Content: Flat lays are popular on platforms like Instagram, where they can convey a theme or mood effectively.

Flat lay photography is a creative and versatile style that, when mastered, can significantly enhance your photographic portfolio. It requires a keen eye for detail, a sense of balance, and a flair for storytelling. By following these tips and continually experimenting, you can develop your unique style and produce captivating images that resonate with your audience.

Remember, the beauty of flat lay photography lies in its simplicity and the story it tells. Whether you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist, mastering this style can open up new avenues for creative expression and storytelling through imagery.

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Are There Any Restrictions on the Make or Model of Cars That Can Be Sold Online?



Selling a car online has become a common practice, offering convenience and a wide audience reach. However, there are very few restrictions on which make or model of used cars can be sold online these days. Here are a few guidelines:



Older vehicles, especially those over a decade old, often face a drop in demand due to financing difficulties. Buyers looking to finance their purchase might find limited or no options for older models. This does not mean you cannot sell your older vehicle online; it simply suggests that the pool of potential buyers might be smaller. It’s a crucial point to consider for those pondering “how to sell my car online effectively.”


Title Status

Title status is paramount in the sale of a vehicle. A clear, lien-free title in your name is essential to facilitate a smooth transaction. If your title is lost, obtaining a replacement can be a hassle, with varying restrictions based on your location. This is especially pertinent for sellers in Huntsville, AL, looking to sell your car online without any legal hiccups.


Odometer Accuracy

Odometer accuracy is a legal requirement. Any issues like digital rollbacks or malfunctioning odometers must be disclosed. Failing to do so not only hinders the sales process but also raises legal concerns. Transparency about the vehicle’s condition is crucial for a trustworthy sale, particularly for those looking to “sell car online” effectively.


Emissions Standards

Emission standards are increasingly stringent, and older cars often struggle to meet these. In certain states, cars that fail to pass smog checks or inspections cannot be registered. This aspect is vital for sellers, as it impacts the eligibility of their vehicle for sale in specific markets, particularly when considering online sales platforms.


Safety Recalls

Addressing safety recalls before selling your car is not just ethical but often legally required. Selling a car with unresolved major recalls can lead to legal consequences and tarnish your reputation as a seller. It’s advisable to fix such issues to ensure a safe and compliant sale, especially when using online platforms to reach potential buyers.


Flood Damage

Flood-damaged vehicles are a significant concern. They often have hidden issues that make them unsafe and are typically flagged by lending institutions, making financing difficult. It’s generally advisable to avoid selling flood-damaged cars online, as it could lead to complicated legal and ethical issues, not to mention the potential risk to the buyer.


Gray Market Cars

Gray market cars, or vehicles imported from other countries that do not meet U.S. safety and emission standards, pose a unique challenge. These cars might be difficult or impossible to register in the U.S., thus significantly limiting your buyer pool. Understanding these nuances is crucial, particularly for sellers in international or diverse markets.


In conclusion, while there are few outright restrictions on the makes and models of cars that can be sold online, various factors like age, title status, odometer accuracy, emission standards, safety recalls, flood damage, and gray market issues can impact the sale process. Being aware of these guidelines and ensuring compliance can help you smoothly navigate the online car selling process, whether you’re in Huntsville, AL, or elsewhere.

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