Planet Fitness Is Offering Free Summer Passes for Teens

Planet Fitness is helping teens get a running head start to summer. High schoolers ages 14 to 19 can work out for free all summer long through August 31.

It’s music to rising star McKenna Grace’s ears. Grace, a singer/songwriter/actress who received an Emmy nod for her guest appearance in The Handmaid’s Tale has partnered with Planet Fitness to promote the program.

“Fitness is important to me,” Grace said in a press release. “It’s helped me de-stress and keep my mind in a more positive place. Working out always makes me feel better about myself,” shared Grace. “Planet Fitness’ High School Summer Pass is an awesome opportunity for teens to get active this summer in a safe and welcoming environment.”

Exercise can be an excellent way for teens to work on their physical and mental health, something they may need help with as they continue to grapple with the multi-faceted toll of the COVID-19 pandemic. Less than 15% of children got enough physical activity during the pandemic, according to research. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 40% of teens said they felt sad or hopeless in 2021.

Studies also show exercise may even help with academic performance. But without regular physical education classes and after-school sports, they may be searching for a way to break a sweat this summer (other than heading to the beach for fun in the sun).

As beneficial as exercise is, it’s important to model positive language around body image. This role modeling includes how you discuss movement. How can you do that? Here’s some expert-backed advice.

  • Make it fun. Your kids should enjoy physical activity and not view it as a chore. Sign them up for activities like. If they’re at the gym and prefer the bike to the treadmill, let them cycle. They’re more likely to stick with a regimen they love.
  • Skip the scale. Focus on health and how working out makes a kid feel, rather than how much they weigh. Studies show emphasizing the scale can lead to disordered eating.
  • Turn it into a routine, family affair. Families who workout together stay fit together. Experts and research indicate that families who make physical activity part of their normal routine are more likely to raise kids who exercise regularly and feel comfortable doing so.

Bottom line: Physical activity is essential, even when school is out. It’s a great way to keep stress and anxiety away. But it’s also important to drop notions that working out is a punishment for eating something or a way to lose weight fast. Keep it fun for you and your teen, and the ways you choose to get movement in may become a favorite summer memory.

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