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Planet Fitness Is Offering Free Summer Passes for Teens

The gym recognizes that exercise can help manage, stress, anxiety, and depression. The High School Summer Pass allows teens ages 14 to 19 to work out for free all summer long through August 31.



planet fitness summer pass

Planet Fitness is helping teens get a running head start to summer. High schoolers ages 14 to 19 can work out for free all summer long through August 31.

It’s music to rising star McKenna Grace’s ears. Grace, a singer/songwriter/actress who received an Emmy nod for her guest appearance in The Handmaid’s Tale has partnered with Planet Fitness to promote the program.

“Fitness is important to me,” Grace said in a press release. “It’s helped me de-stress and keep my mind in a more positive place. Working out always makes me feel better about myself,” shared Grace. “Planet Fitness’ High School Summer Pass is an awesome opportunity for teens to get active this summer in a safe and welcoming environment.”

Exercise can be an excellent way for teens to work on their physical and mental health, something they may need help with as they continue to grapple with the multi-faceted toll of the COVID-19 pandemic. Less than 15% of children got enough physical activity during the pandemic, according to research. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 40% of teens said they felt sad or hopeless in 2021.

Studies also show exercise may even help with academic performance. But without regular physical education classes and after-school sports, they may be searching for a way to break a sweat this summer (other than heading to the beach for fun in the sun).

As beneficial as exercise is, it’s important to model positive language around body image. This role modeling includes how you discuss movement. How can you do that? Here’s some expert-backed advice.

  • Make it fun. Your kids should enjoy physical activity and not view it as a chore. Sign them up for activities like. If they’re at the gym and prefer the bike to the treadmill, let them cycle. They’re more likely to stick with a regimen they love.
  • Skip the scale. Focus on health and how working out makes a kid feel, rather than how much they weigh. Studies show emphasizing the scale can lead to disordered eating.
  • Turn it into a routine, family affair. Families who workout together stay fit together. Experts and research indicate that families who make physical activity part of their normal routine are more likely to raise kids who exercise regularly and feel comfortable doing so.

Bottom line: Physical activity is essential, even when school is out. It’s a great way to keep stress and anxiety away. But it’s also important to drop notions that working out is a punishment for eating something or a way to lose weight fast. Keep it fun for you and your teen, and the ways you choose to get movement in may become a favorite summer memory.

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Hire a Nursing assignment helper online in Australia



Nursing Assignment Help Online

Avail the best nursing assignment help service by registering your name in Greatassignmenthelp.Com because we are the solution to every answer you are looking for. We have some great experts and procedures through which we ensure an excellent solution to our customers.

Nursing Assignment Help in Australia – The Ultimate Way to Get an Aspiring Grade

Brood over Australia’s no 1 Nursing Assignment Help service with Greatassignmenthelp.Com because we are the top-most assignment solution provider in a very pocket-friendly range. Just go ahead and get the best experience of having the best-crafted and deeply researched writing within the submission date.

Enhance your grades with the best quality online nursing assignment help in Australia

Have you speculated that you might complete the nursing assignment all by yourself and stuck with the assignment? Are you terrified because your submission date is coming nearer? We exactly know how it feels and, thus, brought you the most outstanding nursing assignment help for the students in need.

Greatassignmenthelp.Com is a nursing homework help company that comprehends the students’ trouble and, therefore, brings the best quality service at a very affordable price. We have highly skilled and experienced nursing assignment experts who love their job and know how to deliver top-notch content.

Greatassignmenthelp.Com Covers Every Topic That Deal with Nursing Subject

Any subject interlinked with nursing or healthcare has our hand on by our superior service. You must feel delighted after knowing that whatever the topic is, you will diligently get a solution.

However, the topics that our nursing assignment helper in Australia covers are described below:

  • Get Healthcare Policy Assignment Help Online

Healthcare policy forms a very integral part of the subject. Moreover, it deals with the rules and regulations that the healthcare industry abides by to ignore any misconduct and to take further care of the patients. With our ingenious nursing assignment help, you will get a clear explanation of every detail of the rules and strategies of healthcare.

  • Online Nursing Ethics And Principles Assignment Help

Nursing ethics further describes the rules to follow by the nurses to conduct the professional criteria of nursing properly. And due to this important reason professor provides assignments on this topic that are covered briskly by our nursing assignment help experts.

  • Hire Safety Of The Patients Assignment Helper

This is one of the most important topics in nursing, and in the past few years, many students have decided to work on this subject. In fact, there are many aspects to the topic, and while the students start doing an assignment on this topic, they feel it to be a challenging topic to complete. The nursing assignment help is designed to help the students deal with this demanding topic and complete it within time.

  • Pharmacology Assignment help Online

Nurses are often required to provide patients with accurate medicines. So, it does not always encircle the rules and strategies the nurses need to maintain. Pharmacology is a topic that deals with the introduction of different types of drugs. This assignment holds excessive importance in any nursing course, and we assist in working around medicines.

Whatever the topic is, if it deals with nursing and healthcare, our nursing assignment expert is there to support the students. Just send it to our online nursing assignment help firm and ease till we get you the solution. So, opt for the top writing service for your assignment when you wish to stay ahead of the rest.

Different Types of Assignments That Are Covered By Our Nursing Assignment Help in Australia

Numerous students need help with initiating their assignments on nursing. In fact, nursing is one of the commanding subjects all over Australia, and students often take this as their career subject because it has great prospective job opportunities.

We know students are stuffed with many works. Moreover, nowadays, students frequently indulge in part-time work to curb a load of their families along with their studies. Again they have lots of other subjects too where they have to put their concentrate. Generally, they are left with very little time to complete their assignments and therefore ask for professional nursing assignment help from outside.

The different types of assignments where we have our proficiency are:

  • Nursing Dissertation Writing Help

A dissertation is an intricate part of academic writing that requires original writing. Generally, students find completing a lengthy and authentic dissertation writing challenging because it requires a lot of time and concentration. We have an extensive team of skillful writers who have proficiency in the nursing subject and thus deliver an awesome dissertation solution.

  • Nursing Case Studies Assignment Help

Students are often given to writing case studies in their colleges, which demands profound research. But, students often lack providing so much time to indulge in meticulous research. Therefore, we provide a 100% authentic case study solution to curb their problem.

  • Online Nursing Thesis Assignment Help

Writing a thesis paper typically involves an extreme amount of research. However, we have the solution for your thesis paper too. Just let us know your details and we will produce a good-quality paper.

  • Nursing Essay Writing Help Service

Essay writing incorporates a specific structure to follow. Moreover, to get a plagiarism-free, top-quality essay writing service call us today.

  • Help Nursing Reports Assignment Online

Additionally, we have some high-degree holder experts from some prestigious universities in Australia to help you write your reports before the deadline.


Although students in large quantity indulge in nursing, nobody likes to do hours of research to come up with top-quality assignments or homework writing. Why are you worrying so much about your nursing thesis paper? Just send it to us and relax till we get you the solution.

The Stunning Features Made Us No 1 Online Nursing Assignment Help In Australia

To make the assignment delivered on time and get a write-up that fulfils all your demands contact us and register on our nursing assignment help online portal. Some of the stunning features that made us the best amongst the other nursing assignment help organizations are:

  • Strict adherence to deadlines

When you opt for our Nursing Assignment Help In Australia, you can keep aside your nightmare of missing out on your deadline. Because at Greatassignmenthelp.Com, we never fail to deliver the assignment on time, we always have your back.

  • Professional and proficient experts

Our nursing assignment experts have the quality to provide you with premium assistance and deliver you top-quality, deeply researched content that can satisfy you utterly.

  • 24×7 availability

Our customer service providers are always there at your service. So, you can contact us directly on our portal if you have any query related to the assignment, its submission date or payment procedure. We are there 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for you.

  • Assured money return

If we can’t deliver the solution within the time you asked for, our customer service team will refund your money within 3 to 4 business days.

  • Plagiarism-free content

Our highly-efficient nursing assignment experts always deliver plagiarism-free, 100% authentic content to our customers.

  • Our highly-affordable price range

We never ask for excessive money for our write-ups. We are famous because we can deliver highly crafted and perfectly researched content within a few bucks.

  • No compromise with the quality

If you check our samples, you will be able to comprehend that we never compromise on the quality of our solution. We believe every company works with some ethics, and one of the ethics is to deliver our clients the best quality service they deserve.

Do not worry about privacy! We follow advanced technical ways to keep our customer’s content private. So, register yourself now on our portal or open your existing account and send us your assignments. We will be happy to provide you with nursing assignment help services.


  • Is GREATASSIGNMENTHELP.COM nursing assignment help secured?

Our nursing assignment help portal is entirely safe and protected for our customers. In fact, we never keep any of your personal payment information. If you have any more queries regarding this, you are welcome to read our privacy policy, or you can contact our customer care service.


  • Will I be able to connect to my nursing assignment help expert?

Certainly! We never hide our talented nursing assignment helpers in Australia. You can definitely able to contact our professionals directly and efficiently.


  • Which nursing assignment subjects do you write about?

Our highly efficient writers can write the assignment on any topic shared with us regarding nursing. You will submit the topic and required document (if you have any), and our experts will deliver you a top-notch solution.


  • What makes your nursing assignment help the company be unique from others?

We totally comprehend that for you getting an excellent grade in your nursing course matters a lot. And for this, we provide you with highly-professional services so that your nursing paper writing stands out in the whole class. Moreover, we guarantee that all our writers can deliver top-quality service to you.








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How to Make a Perfect Assignment by Calming the Mind?



Assignment Help

You want to do excellent in your course. You have maintained all your schedules. You accompanied all your classes. You have a place to study that is precisely like what you want. Now you are beginning that big project you require to get initiated on, but you can’t unravel where to begin, and your distress is rising. This is when most students start looking to pay someone to write my essay.

Here Are 6 Considerable Tips Explained To Write Your Essay Perfectly

  • Think of your Anxiety as Excitement

In your studies, you will constantly encounter the latest ideas and new endeavours and demand to do what you have never done before. Feeling anxious about these new things and seeking assignment help is perfectly natural. Consider that worries are a form of excitement (which it is). Imagine a dispute you encountered and remember how you felt when you were triumphant. A form on this, take a deep lung full of air and make progress.

  • Establish Your Goal(s)

The foremost and most remarkable self-motivating work step is determining what you want from each project. Contemplate what you will achieve from the assignment and how your proficiency will ease, and if you have determined to Pay Someone to Write my Essay, then he will think about that. Where does this assignment fit into the comprehensive picture of what you are determining? Contemplate a future where you retrospect on this successful project. By concentrating on what you want and need, you manage your energy and self-motivation to get things done for you. Generate a SMART Goal for your project.

  • Part the Project into Segments

Group the tasks into segments that harmonize. A massive project might have ten or more of them. You will often begin with a “skeleton” of steps, then do research into materials, then initiate to generate, and so on. Each segment should be seen by you as a tiny piece to finish thoroughly.

  • Assess the Assignment

Extract your assignment sheet and resume to distinguish the keywords and items that the Instructor wishes. Create a list of them down the left-hand side of a document. To the right of each item, list the benchmark for perfectly receiving it. This makes a checklist where you can tick off the components you have finished as you advance. You now have an excellent notion of what is required. If you ask an assignment agency’s help, they will make sure that you get a thoroughly written assignment.


To conclude, one thing is to be recommended it is easy to get terrified and not complete the assignment by yourself, but creating an assignment by yourself can make you knowledgeable about that topic and, most importantly, on that subject. In fact, you can definitely take assignment help from outside, like from your mother, tutor, mates, teachers or some professional companies available on the internet. But make sure that you understand the topic so that you can answer when the teacher asks you questions about that assignment. HURRY!


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Geo News Live Headlines: Stay Up to Date on the Latest News!



If you’re looking to stay up to date on the latest news, Geo News Live Headlines is the perfect resource. With up-to-the-minute updates from around the world, you can stay informed on all the top stories and breaking news as it happens. You won’t miss a beat with Live Headlines on Geo News, so you can be sure that you have all the information you need.

What’s Going on in the World Today?

If you want to stay up to date on the latest news from around the world, Geo News Live Headlines is the perfect resource. This news service provides you with real-time updates on breaking news stories and events as they happen. You’ll always know what’s going on in the world, and you can use this valuable information to make informed decisions and stay informed about current events.

Live Headlines on Geo News offers a comprehensive selection of news articles and videos from across the globe. You can read reports from top international news outlets like The Guardian and The New York Times. You can also watch streaming video coverage of major international news stories, like wars and natural disasters. You can even find live reporting of local events in your area.

With Live Headlines on Geo News, you won’t miss out on anything important. From politics to sports, business to entertainment, you can stay up to date on all the latest news without ever having to leave your home. Plus, you don’t have to worry about missing out on any breaking stories since Geo News Live Headlines provides real-time updates.Stay informed with Live Headlines on Geo News!

What’s Happening in Pakistan?

Keeping up with the latest news in Pakistan has never been easier with Geo News Live Headlines. By tuning into Geo News Live, you can stay informed on the most pressing news stories and topics of the day. With Geo News, you will never miss out on what’s happening in Pakistan.

Geo News Live provides headline-level coverage of breaking news events, providing round-the-clock updates and analysis to keep you informed about the latest developments. The team of experienced journalists offers timely and reliable news coverage, making it easy to stay abreast of what’s happening in Pakistan.

In addition to reporting on current events, Geo News also broadcasts stories on politics, business, health, sports, and more. Whether you’re looking for a quick overview of the day’s headlines or a deeper understanding of the issues impacting Pakistan, Geo News Live has you covered.

Make sure you don’t miss a beat by tuning into Geo News Live Headlines today!

What’s Happening in the United States?

Keeping up with the latest news can be a challenge. Fortunately, Live Headlines on Geo News provides a convenient way to stay informed on what’s happening around the world. With Live Headlines on Geo News, you can get news stories from the United States and beyond quickly and easily. Whether you’re interested in politics, international events, or entertainment, Live Headlines on Geo News has you covered. Get the news that matters to you in an instant, right at your fingertips. With Live Headlines on Geo News, staying up to date on the latest news has never been easier.


Staying up to date on the latest news is important in this day and age, and one of the best ways to do that is by following Geo News Live Headlines. With these headlines, you can get access to the latest news from around the world without having to search for it yourself. This allows you to stay informed and make sure that you’re not missing any big stories. Furthermore, you can also customize your feed so that you only receive information about topics that are important to you. By utilizing Live Headlines on Geo News, you can make sure you’re always up to date with the latest news.

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