8 Important Notes When Buying Laptop For Office People 2022

A current laptop for office people needs to meet the minimum criteria necessary. Choosing a laptop with a powerful configuration, stable performance, large storage capacity, compact design for easy portability, and good battery life is a problem that many shoppers are interested in.

If you are wondering which type of laptop for office people to use, you should read this article completely. Wnweekly will introduce you to the notes you need to know before buying a laptop for the best office workers

1. Configuration suitable for the job

Laptop for office people, the tasks are not too demanding. However, you can also consider a little high configuration to use it for a long time.

In addition, an Alienware Aurora 2019 laptop with a stable configuration also helps a long working day to be smoother, without lag when working a lot.

We suggest the minimum configuration that you should refer to when buying a laptop: CPU from i5, SSD 256GB, RAM from 8GB and can use the integrated graphics card.

2. About the screen of the laptop

Currently, laptop models have two common screen sizes, 13.3 inches, and 15 inches.

You can choose a 13.3-inch screen if you prioritize compactness and move a lot. A 15-inch screen laptop, it will be suitable for work related to excel, PowerPoint, …

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The screen also has many resolution options such as FullHD, 2K, and 4K, or panel technology such as IPS, OLED, and VA,…

3. About the keyboard and trackpad

Office workers will often have to use the keyboard a lot (typing documents, drafting contracts, …) so you should also consider laptop models with good typing experience (ThinkPad, Dell Latitude, MacBook, …)

The trackpad is currently, a mid-range laptop model equipped with mirrored trackpads, the experience of surfing, dragging and dropping, and 3-finger operation is smooth. So you do not need to pay too much attention to this issue.

4. Battery life

Most laptop for office people models will be used in the office (less moving). Or use the U chip (battery saving chip), so the battery life of normal laptop for office people models has a battery life of ~7-10h onscreen.

However, you should also ask the store side about the actual usage time of the laptop model. Avoid forgetting to charge at home when going to work, have to ship the charging adapter to the company.

5. Connection port

Current common connection ports should have:

  • USB Type C, and Type A if available, will be more convenient
  • HDMI connection port
  • Thunderbolt 3. Support

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However, nowadays most peripherals such as mice and keyboards are connected via Bluetooth, so you don’t need too many USB-A ports.

6. Security capabilities

Currently, with many cases of cyberattacks becoming more common, security is more and more a top priority for laptop for office people.

This is also a factor you should consider if your jobs have high requirements for security.

7. Durability and shock resistance

Frequent moving and changing of working angles of laptop for office people can sometimes lead to laptop damage due to collisions, falls, etc. So you should also be concerned about the build quality of the laptop, and avoid choosing the wrong one. The laptop model is too cheap, leading to a rickety design, and poor bearing capacity.

8. Some other notes

In addition to the above notes, you should also consider the following factors:

Is the laptop’s shock resistance good or not? Otherwise, it is advisable to equip additional supporting devices such as cases, holsters, etc.

Is the price in line with the budget? Some laptop for office people models that Wnweekly suggested below have a slightly high price but in return for high quality and durability. Therefore, you should also consider your budget. Alternatively, you can visit coupon sites like Findcouponhere.net to get laptop discount codes for saving your budget.

The Speaker system and the sound are also essential. Sometimes you also need to use your laptop for entertainment, right?

9. Suggest some laptops for office people:

  • MacBook Pro 13 inch M1/ Intel
  • MacBook Air M1
  • Dell XPS 9310
  • Surface Laptop 4
  • Thinkpad T14s Gen 2 2021
  • HP Specter X360
  • Asus ZenBook 14″ Laptop
  • Razer Book 13.4 inch 2020
  • ThinkPad P14s 2020
  • Dell Inspiron N7306A P125G002N7306A Laptop

Above is a summary of the criteria that you should know before choosing the right laptop. Hopefully, the above sharing of Wnweekly can help you choose the right working computer for your needs and preferences. Don’t forget to visit Findcouponhere.net to get more great deals from other laptop brands.

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