What Are Leased Lines?

Leased Lines are a type of internet connection where you use the Internet as a means to send and receive data. There are several types of leased lines, including fibre-based and point-to-point connections. They are available from a variety of providers, including BT, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, and COLT.

BT’s fibre-based leased lines

BT’s fibre-based leased-line service offers symmetric download and upload speeds of up to 10Gbps. This is an important factor, especially for businesses that need to transfer large amounts of data. The service also offers service level agreements and guarantees against domestic and international data latency. Furthermore, BT offers customers discounts when they sign up for these agreements.

BT’s fibre-based leased-line services have become extremely popular with businesses, schools, and academic institutions. However, recent changes to the market are affecting pricing. Under new rules, BT will have to give competitors physical access to its dark fibre network. This will allow competitors to offer competitive high-speed leased-line services.

BT’s fibre-based leased-line services are flexible and scalable, so they can be tailored to the needs of any business. Customers can either purchase the service directly from BT or a wholesale provider. BT’s fibre-based leased line service provides up to 10Gbps of bandwidth and is capable of supporting cloud applications. In addition, BT’s fibre-based leased connection also comes with a five-hour response time and a service engineer in case of a fault.

Virgin Media’s leased lines

Virgin Media’s leased lines in the United Kingdom come in several sizes, and each offers a different level of speed. Generally, Virgin Media’s leased lines have maximum speeds between 50Mbps and 10Gbps. This makes them suitable for both small and large businesses, and is especially useful for call centres and e-commerce organisations.

The business leased lines offered by Virgin Media are available in multiple speeds and packages to suit individual needs. The speeds offered by Virgin Media Business leased lines are mirrored to ensure high productivity levels, and the provider offers bespoke reporting tools and a diverse range of services. Virgin Media’s business leased lines are ideal for businesses looking to increase their productivity without breaking the bank.

However, Virgin Media has also lost orders for low-bandwidth leased lines to rivals. The competition in this space has been fierce, and rivals are able to offer higher speeds. The company will benefit from this upward trend in speeds but it will hurt BT and TalkTalk. However, this is unlikely to hurt Virgin Media’s business division, as the vast majority of its alternative fibre network is too small to accommodate a leased line. In addition, rival providers may be unable to get the infrastructure necessary to build large-scale fibre networks in the future, as NTL has been bankrupt and Telewest has been forced to take on debt for equity.

TalkTalk’s leased lines

The leased lines market has been dominated for so long by BT that TalkTalk has had a hard time establishing itself as a major brand in business telecoms. BT had been reluctant to allow other providers to use its exchanges because it argued that the cost-effectiveness of one provider outweighed the cost of a bundled offering from multiple providers. But TalkTalk has managed to overcome this problem by combining multiple LLU providers into one single offering.

TalkTalk’s leased lines UK service is a stable option with excellent customer support. The company has been in business for over twenty years and has invested heavily in its network infrastructure. The network is built on an IP network and provides a range of bandwidths from 10Mb to 1Gb. TalkTalk also offers free installation and a dedicated account manager, so getting a leased line from TalkTalk is a great choice for businesses.

TalkTalk has a large residential customer base and a growing business customer base. In addition to leased lines, the company offers Ethernet Access Direct (EAD) and Dedicated Internet Access (DIA). The company has business-grade SLAs and bespoke services that cater to small and medium-sized businesses.

COLT’s leased lines

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, COLT’s leased lines UK are the right choice for your internet and voice needs. These connections offer high speed and scalability, so they’re ideal for any type of business. Plus, you can expect good value for money. COLT’s network covers most of the UK, so you’ll be covered no matter where your business is located.

One of the main benefits of COLT’s leased lines UK is its award-winning network. This company has built a reputation for reliability and consistency. Its network has a low latency level, ensuring the highest quality services for any business. Plus, you’ll enjoy zero frame loss and minimal lagging.

Another major benefit of COLT’s leased lines is that you’ll enjoy guaranteed security. The leased lines you get from COLT will allow you to send and receive data securely, and they’re easy to setup and manage.

Leased Lines – Fast, Reliable, and Future-Proof

A Leased Line is the fastest data connectivity available in the UK. This type of connection can be obtained through a variety of different providers, including BTnet, Virgin Media, TalkTalk, and Zen. Whether you need a fast data connection for your home or business, leased lines are a great option.


BTnet Leased Lines UK are an affordable and reliable option for businesses looking to connect multiple offices globally. With more than 400 exchanges across the UK, you can choose from a wide range of leased line plans and speeds. You can also receive regular usage reports from the company.

Virgin Media

If you need a high-speed connection that is reliable and future-proof, Virgin Media Leased Lines UK could be the solution for you. The company offers a range of plans with speeds of up to 10Gbps. Other benefits include resilient back-up connections, as many WiFi access points as you need, and modern cloud-based cybersecurity. These services are ideal for local authorities, businesses, and schools.


TalkTalk is more than just a broadband provider, as they also provide fibre leased lines. These lines use their own network combined with local circuits from BT’s infrastructure subsidiary, Openreach. They are available at 10/100, 20/100, 30/100, and 50/100 speeds. They also offer a high-speed option of 100Mbps.


Zen Leased Lines UK is one of the UK’s leading ISPs, boasting an extensive data pipeline and personal customer support. Their 100% uptime guarantee and rapid response time have made them a popular choice among businesses across the UK. They have been providing Leased Lines to UK businesses since 1995, and have won several national awards.

Dedicated Internet Access

Leased lines are an excellent option for businesses looking for fast, reliable internet connections. Prices vary depending on the line type and provider, and can range from PS90 a month for a basic EoFTTC line to over PS800 for a fibre-optic connection. There are also many factors to consider, such as the location of the business.

BTnet express

A BTnet express leased line is a high-speed connection with guaranteed uptime, which makes it ideal for businesses that need to process large amounts of data. It can be purchased from a wholesaler or a local BT office. Its symmetric broadband speeds make it ideal for streaming, large-file sharing, VoIP, and uploading to the cloud. BTnet express leased lines can be increased in speed depending on your company’s needs.

BTnet leased lines

BTnet leased lines are available to individuals and businesses. Depending on the location, these lines can have download and upload speeds up to 10Gbps. This makes them perfect for cloud applications, VoIP and file transfers. BT also offers service level agreements and discounts for leased lines. The company offers guaranteed latency and data reliability, and guarantees a minimum of five hours’ response time in case of a problem.

TalkTalk leased lines

TalkTalk Leased Lines UK offers a number of leased line packages that can suit the needs of business users. These include Ethernet Access Direct, Ethernet First Mile, and Ethernet over Fibre. These packages include a dedicated UK account manager and customer support team. In addition, TalkTalk offers access to equipment in over 3,000 exchanges in the UK, more than any other provider.

Sky leased lines

Sky Broadband has a huge range of bandwidth packages from 2Mbps to 40Gbps and can be installed in as little as 45 days. As one of the newest entrants to the UK leased line market, Sky has a lot to offer in terms of speed, pricing, and packages. The company boasts excellent uptime guarantees, bespoke pricing, and fault-finding service that is available around the clock.

Virgin Media leased lines

Virgin Media leased lines UK are an excellent choice for companies that need a dedicated internet connection. They offer fast speeds without compromising security. Moreover, business customers can choose plans with speeds as high as 10Gbps. They also have options to add modern cloud-based cybersecurity and resilient back-up connections. Over 50,000 businesses in the UK are already using Virgin Media Business leased lines for their internet needs. The company is also a partner of thousands of schools and emergency services.


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