Mobile Accessories : 9 Steps To Sell Online

Mobile accessories  are The best that e-commerce sites weren’t successful overnight. Even though trial and error, these brands followed a business plan and grew steadily.
Use this step-by-step guide to organize your business model:
1. Identify a market need
2. Develop a business plan
3. Identify your target market
4. start designing
5. Get your phone cases
6. Choose a brand name and logo
7. Choose a price level
8. Create your online store
9. Promote your business

1. Identifying a need in the market

Mobile accessories business will not succeed on effort alone. Think of a niche market that isn’t already stocked.
•  It can be an ideal cover for outdoor adventures?
• Can  it be a line of accessories inspired by a famous artist, singer, or actor?
• How’s the  accessories with striking shapes and colors to be “the different one” from your group of friends?

Discover the types of phone cases that should exist and that the big brands are not currently offering.
Andrew Moore, founder of Felony Case, in a Masters of Ecommerce interview, says that when he started his phone case business, ” he saw a need in the market for iPhone cases for more affluent areas of the city and where people were looking for things exclusives ”.

2. Develop a business plan

A business plan will guide you through the entire process of creating a business dedicated to selling mobile accessories online.It can help you define your strategy, detect obstacles, understand what resources you will need, and evaluate your business idea before launching it.
Ask yourself these questions: Does it claim to be a brand that is sold at Nordstrom or Urban Outfitters?
• Do you want to create a premium brand that is sold in boutiques?
• Do you want to create an eCommerce store and sell to your followers?
Identify your business goals and keep them in mind as you build your phone case brand.

3. Identify your target market

Defining a target audience is the key to success in selling mobile accessories online.
Your goal is not only to identify a case or accessory that should exist but also to find a target market for the product.
Design and planning work won’t do much good if there are no buyers for your product.
Some of the useful facts to find out are as follows:
• Age range
• Occupation
• Consuming patterns
• Interests
• Lifestyle
• Habits and routines
How can I gather all the info is depend on me.
New businesses often turn to social media and use tools like Facebook Audience Insights to reach new audiences. Others go directly to their customers and survey them.
Consider the pros and cons of targeting certain demographic groups.

4. Start Designing

The design will be your main differentiating factor when it comes to selling mobile accessories personalized online.
→ It will be the starting point of your creativity. This first batch of covers you release to the public will speak for your brand. Make sure you create something extraordinary to make a difference.
There are two ways to design your phone cases:
✅ RK with designers and artists. Design communities like Dribble and Fiverr are great places to search for designers based on the aesthetic of your interest.
✅ Design your covers. You can also create your design swatches in Photoshop or Photopea and many phone case print-on-demand services.

a sight at the benefits they are offering:
• CaseApp
• painful

5. Get your mobile accessories

Once you have the designs you like, it’s time to capture the mobile accessories. You can invest in your printing equipment. Although this may at first suppose a huge outlay…
You have three basic options available to create your covers.
Find a manufacturer
Finding a manufacturer to work with is the best way to maximize profitability. Alibaba proposes a list of manufacturers in China that produce a wide variety of premium phone cases and accessories, from slim to book-style to battery cases.
🎯 You must buy in bulk with a minimum quantity between 10 and 200 or more units. You can offer better prices and earn more with each sale if each cover costs only $1 (approx. €0.80).

You can also choose to partner with a local manufacturer to attract consumers interested in supporting businesses in their own country.

In any case, it is advisable to request a sample before placing a bulk order.
Use a print-on-demand service
Print and Printify are just two of the services available to print phone cases on demand.
→ Selling mobile accessories on demand reduces your profit margins, but also eliminates shipping and order fulfillment costs.
→ This avoids the need to have cases in stock or even to order them in bulk (and then not be able to sell them).

If you sell these phone cases in your own Shopify store, print-on-demand services can integrate with your online store, and take care of order fulfillment and customer support.
You will only have to dedicate yourself to the sale!

Dropship of existing mobile accessories

Instead of making your phone cases, you can use a dropshipping model that allows you to focus only on creating a website and selling.
The only limitations are that you will have much less control over the product and lower margins, but on the other hand, you will not need to take care of the product, the shipping, and its preparation.

6. Choose a brand name and logo

If you believe that your mobile accessories can be produced at a reasonable price, you are ready to create your public image.
Choose a business name and logo.
→ You can use a free design tool like Hatchful to help you design a logo and create your brand.
It offers you complete brand design packages. Customers appreciate brands with a good story, so try to intersperse yours with your brand name, logo, and website.
If you’re making phone cases, you’ll want to have this ready before you finish your first game. This way you can start selling your covers right away.
• Hatchful by Shopify (Free Logo Generator)
• Free business name generator

7. Choose a price level

Pricing your mobile accessories is one of the key decisions you need to make. It has an impact on almost every area of your business, including cash flow, profit margins, and deciding what expenses you can afford.

Your pricing strategy is related to the perception of your audience.
Choose a price that covers your manufacturing costs, but doesn’t discourage the customers you’ll need to launch a successful phone case business.

8. Create your online store

The next step will be: where can you sell mobile accessories? A good starting point is to create an online store.
Before this would be something only reserved for a few. With Shopify, in 7 steps you have your business running, try and see!
Now, this seems like a challenge compared to posting your products on online sales sites.
These marketplaces can help build brand awareness in the early stages, but in the long run, you’ll want to have your own digital space.
In the case of the Felony Case, Andrew recommends focusing on the website first, then moving on to online marketplaces.
She’s found that when people find a Felony phone case on Etsy or Amazon, they do a Google search to find out if the brand is trustworthy.

When it comes to building your online store, Shopify is the easiest way to get started. You can get it up and running without coding knowledge or a big budget.

9. Promote your business

Now that you’ve figured out your market, your product, and your supply chain, it’s time to determine how and where to sell your mobile accessories and other items.
While marketplaces like Etsy and Amazon are great places to list your phone cases, you can also open an online store to brand your brand, expand your marketing, and build a long-term business.

Some techniques to carry out to promote our store can be:
• Work on SEO. Having a good organic positioning in Google allows you to reach people who are looking for this type of product. The purchase intent behind these searches means you’ll get the most relevant clicks for your products and the phones you cover.
• Presence and promotion on Instagram. Instagram is a very visual platform, perfect for displaying your designs with the option of paid advertising as well.
• Help you from influencers. By partnering with celebrities, YouTubers, Instagramers, TikTokers, etc., you can leverage their influence and established audiences to help your phone cases reach more people.

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