california waterparks is one of the coolest experiences and a total must-see

half pipes that defy gravity, to the lazy rivers, splashing wave pools, and kiddie areas made for hours of fun, each park offers something unique and exciting. Take your bathing suit as you’ll be sure to want to visit at least a few of these great attractions. Finding the perfect summer vacation is tough. Traveling, packing, and researching are a pain that only causes more stress for moms or dads of little ones (like us!). That’s why we do all the work for you! At Best California Waterpark we have got it covered – with an extensive range of water parks, attractions and amenities to suit every family on holiday

WaterWorks Park, Redding

Featuring exciting rides and innovative kiddie areas, california waterparks  offers hours of wet and wild fun. Be sure to check the website for specials and features! Meet The Creature if you dare. The ride is over three hundred and fifty feet long of field black thrills, twists turns, and drops. Toted as “the ride of a lifetime,” tube down The Typhoon.

Take a five-story drop to land in a giant bowl and eventually get sucked down into another enclosed slide. A splashing cascade ends the ride. The Awesome Avalanche shoots you down four stories to land in a canyon and rapidly shot up the sides. When you want to relax, let the slow currents of the idle river take you past tall palms and flowing waterfalls. The kiddie area structures a pool, slides, and fountain.

Best and largest waterpark!

Raging Waters Los Angeles is California’s best and largest  california waterparks This 60-acre waterpark in the Los Angeles area has been recognized by USA Today as a  and is home to more than 50 world-class rides, slides and several water park attractions for all ages to enjoy, including Aqua Rocket, the state’s only hydromagnetic water coaster! Open mid-May through late September, Raging Waters is the best place for water slides in Los Angeles, to keep cool, enjoy special events, and family dining options, and have a whole summer of fun!

There are a lot of waterparks in California, but only one is known for being the BEST.

Splash your worries away at this awe-inspiring  california waterparks that has it all. From the longest slide on earth to the finest wave pool to some of the most thrilling rides  this place truly deserves its title as


LEGOLAND Water Park, Carlsbad

LEGOLAND ! For smaller swimmers, there’s the Duplo Splash Safari. Don’t Miss Elgar’s Build-A-Boat where you project your own LEGO ship and set it sailing around already-built scenes and buildings.

The Pirate Reef is also not to be wasted. Select your lucky ship and duel it out with water guns. There’s also a wave and splash pool. When you’re lastly ready to dry off, take in all the wonder of LEGOLAND as well. Stay in the exciting LEGOLAND hotel and if you have enough time, the Sea Life Aquarium is worth a view as well!

Boomerang Bay, Santa Clara

Admission to Boomerang Bay is included with park admission to California’s Great America so if you’re on the hunt for thrilling rides or looking to take in a few shows before hitting the waves, Boomerang Bay is a great way to stretch your buck.

Be assured to try the Didgeridoo Falls, a four-person rafting ride that stands fifty-four feet tall. For other exciting rides don’t miss the Tasmanian Typhoon and the Screaming’ Wombat. If you’re just in the mood to relax, drift down the Castaway Creek lazy river. For the younger water park enthusiasts in your life, there are sufficient rides as well as the Jacarei landing complete with rope rankings, slides, and a tipping bucket of water.

Raging Waters, Sacramento

With over twenty-five attractions including thrilling slides, beautiful pools, and kid’s areas, Raging Waters in Sacramento is a water paradise.

Adventure seekers should enter the Dragon’s Den. Ride through five stories of darkness to plummet into a hazy shroud below. Challenge the cliffhanger or Great White transparencies. The Honolulu Half Pipe, complete with enormous waves, and the Hurricane Bay Slide, six stories of darkness, are some other not to miss rides.

The park also sorts volleyball, tidal waves at Break Beach, and a beautiful lazy river. The kiddie slides and kiddie areas are sure to make for hours of fun!

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