Alex Greenwood Signs New Man City Deal

Alex Greenwood has signed a new deal with Manchester City. The 28-year-old’s goal-scoring form and influence has caught the attention of the England national team and, in his words, he believes there are trophies to be won. He said: “The moment is here, there are trophies to be won.”

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Alex Greenwood’s desire to win trophies is addictive

Alex Greenwood has become a big part of the Manchester City team. Since joining them in 2020, she has made 80 appearances and is set to sign a new three-year contract.

As a left-back, Greenwood has proven to be a huge asset to the club. She was a member of their Champions League winning side last season and was also a standout player in their Women’s Championship title run.

In addition to her playing ability, Greenwood’s leadership skills have also proved to be a big asset to the squad. She has led the City backline and stepped in when key players were out with injuries.

In the WSL, Greenwood has started every game this season and has been a strong defensive force. She has provided the foundation for a City side that has been unbeaten in all competitions so far.

She has also been the focal point of an attacking style of play that is less focused on quick transitions and more on accurate passing. This has allowed the team to have a ten-game unbeaten run in all competitions.

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Guardiola labels ‘the moment’ as ‘the moment’

One of the most popular questions asked by the City faithful is where exactly the club has the tally for the best wins. As it turns out, Pep and the gang have enjoyed some rather nice wins over Arsenal and Chelsea this season and are a mere point behind Liverpool in the table. However, their best game was at home where they took on 10-man Fulham and claimed the trophy for the most entertaining home game of the season. With two wins and a draw in their last four, they’re set to make it five straight top flight seasons.

On the pitch they were the most impressive as they racked up a total of 15 goals in the Premier League, a feat which had been almost unheard of in the competition. It’s easy to see why Guardiola lauded their achievements, especially with a number of star players like Kevin de Bruyne, Raheem Sterling and Alexis Sanchez in the mix. Having said that, the Manchester City of 2018 is a different animal compared to the one a year ago, where they were battling it out for the league crown.

His ego and reluctance to press from the front of the pitch created more problems than his individual brilliance

The oh-so-familiar sexiest Manchester City fans may have snagged the illustrious golden trophy but there’s no getting around the fact that the club has squandered the topsolite for the last two and a half seasons. Considering the club has been in the news more than it’s fair share of time since the turn of the century, it’s no wonder the equid of sexiest fans have become the first and last names in the book. A tad overdue is the fact that the team has been beaten out of the top spot by a slew of relegated opponents. Despite the tumultuous state of mind that was given the club, a winning squad can be achieved with some sleuthing and a bit of luck.

His impact with Manchester United has caught the eye of the England National Team

Mason Greenwood is a young and rising star of the Manchester United first team. A product of the club’s academy, he began his career at a young age. He has shown signs of great progress both on and off the field, earning a reputation for lethal finishing.

He has scored 17 goals for United in all competitions this season. He is a left-footed forward who can also play with his feet on the ball. He was first spotted playing for a local Bradford side. His first league start came when he was just 17 years old.

Greenwood has not played for England since September of last year, though he has been part of the England Under-17 and Under-18 teams. He has made a long journey through the youth system to earn his first senior cap.

He is a left-footed striker with a natural ability to finish. He is known for his low shots from the edge of the penalty area. He often plays between lines and switches play to unmarked teammates on the flank.

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